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My March Favorites Round Up

**Some Products Shown May Be Press Samples**

This month I have had a TON of really great products so this list may be a little long....
First up, I have Hand Chemistry Hand Cream On my original post I said this was for my nail bloggers but this is really for anyone that wants to get rid some of those wrinkles and fine lines on their hands. I love the smell and how it makes my hands feel. I also think it is listed at a petty reasonable price, as well. 

Retinol Moisturizer by InstaNatural I love this stuff. It really is amazing. It has my favorite stuff, Retinol, and is a moisturizer all in one. It feels fantastic when you put it on and it just does wonders for your skin. I have incorporated this into my every day routine and my skin loves me for it. 

My Little Rant on Imitation Products

So, I did these for an Inspired by Fashion post for my Nail Challenge Collaborative group and then, of course, I got side tracked by a little rant on the importance of spotting a fake and knowing what y…

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Fashion

**Some Products May Be Press Samples**
So, I guess this is the final Inspired by Fashion NCC post I am going to get in this month. I slacked a little but at least I got three in before the end of the month.
This look is inspired by a dress I am reviewing from I will have a full post about this awesome website, but if you can't wait until then, you can check it out!
I think I goofed a little bit with the colors, but from afar I think I got the hang of the pattern.I think I needed something leaning a little more aqua. When I actually wear the dress, I think I might go for Aqua Baby by China Glaze or something closer to that. I really do not recreating patterns because I never think they come out right. I like to do my own thing just because my copy never comes out like the original.  I wish I had a stamp for this because it would have been awesome but I worked with what I had. Overall, I like this look. I am also super pumped that we are coming up to our next mon…

The Beauty Blogazons Weekly Round Up

TheFabZilla: It' officially Spring! See what's inside TheFabZilla's purseLola's Secret Beauty Blog: Tom Ford Beauty Spring Collection 2015 Eye Color Duos in Crushed Indigo, Raw Jade and Ripe Plum Swatched.Kizzy Online: Giveaway! Win a $20 Walmart Gift Card, courtesy of the new Gillette Venus Swirl razor #NewVenusSwirlColor Me So Crazy: Check out the AWESOME products I got in my ISPY Glam Bag this month!Beauty by Miss L: Simple negative space nail artThe Feminine Files: The super shimmery Miliani Fierce Foil Lipgloss line sure is pretty, but it doesn't come without a drawback.Never Say Die Beauty: Allison shares her rose gold transitional makeup, nails and accessories look for Spring 2015

Dermalogica PreCleanse Oil and Face Wipes Regimen

**Provided by iFabbo**

A couple weeks ago I got a neat little duo from one of my favorite brands, dermalogica! The PreCleanse and PreCleanse wipes are so awesome to have on the run and these are sooo perfect for me! Dermalogica PreCleanse Oil is an oil based cleanser but it is water soluble so it won't stay oily on your skin. You can put it right on your clean hands and put it on your face. Rub it on your face to bring up the gunk. You can start to dissolve the product by putting a little water on your hands and continuing to rub the dirt off. Rinse with a warm water and then clean with your usual cleanser. You can use this in the morning and night. Looooove!! I have absolutely added this to my routine. Why not?  Next is the Dermalogica PreCleanse Wipes. These are like your usual wipes you see in the store except they are made by one of the best skin care companies around and there is sooo much more about them!! First, they are biodegradable. Secondly, this is made with aloe, a…

Make Me Pretty Giveaways

**All photos are provided by giveaway owners. All credit is given to them. ** 

Today is make my Pretty Giveaways!! You get a comprehensive list of giveaways from around the Beauty Blog World!! I will gather a list of giveaways throughout the week and put them in a post. I will post the link on my sidebar so in case you miss it, you can quickly access it from there.

If you are interested in adding one that I have missed, please do so by using my contact  form here of emailing me at

Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick Giveaway from Blushing Noir

Ends: 3/29

Cosmetic Sanctuary SuperChic Lacquer Giveaway

Ends: 3/29

Beesessential Natural Skincare Giveaway from Never Say Die Beauty

Ends: 3/30

Beauty Info Zone Anniversary Giveaway

Ends: 3/30

Honey Face Mask Giveaway from Cosmetopia Digest

 Ends: 3/31

My Nail Polish Obsession 3 Year Anniversary Giveaway

Ends: 3/31

Boxycharm March "Lucky Charm" Giveaway

Ends: 3/31

Pond's + Jonathan Adler Giveaway from …

AlphaMani with the Letter H

Quick post here with my AlphaMani. This week is H and I have a Hits Polish. This is is an awesome multichrome polish and perhaps one of the oldest multichomes I own. This is the OG multichrome!! This is a purple that leans green to blue to red in the lights. Yeah, I'm pretty much in love with this polish and I am super glad that I got to pull it out again.  Next week is the letter G. What brands do you know that start with G? Start naming them off for me!! Colors Used:  Hits- Unconventional Multichrome

Peppermint & Lemon Essential Oil Review

**Product Review**

I have posted about a couple different InstaNatural products before and I wanted to share two different types of every day products that I just started using in my beauty life. Essential oils!! Now, I use essential oils in my every day life for cleaning, deodorizing, general good smells, and cooking.I got these two scents from InstaNatural to review and I was super pumped because I was finally going to use them ONLY for beauty purposes!! Two full bottles just for MY body!! First up is Lemon. Lemon Essential Oil is extracted from the rinds of lemon, which lends its fresh citrus fragrance. This cold-pressed oil has a strong bright scent that is both refreshing and uplifting. Its astringent and purifying properties also make it a great aid to help cleanse and tone the skin, while delivering a boost of Vitamin C antioxidant benefits. Ok... So this is how I use the Lemon Essential Oils in my Beauty Routine:
1. Mix it in my unscented body lotion
2. Add it to my b…

#RedCoAtTuesdAy SeAson FinAle

*May Contain Press Samples*
We made it!! Tonight we get to find out who A is. I am not going to do a full wrap up for you guys because if you have not watched up until this point, I just can't because there is soooo much going on! I am just going to go full on cray and do a quick synopsis so BEWARE!! THERE ARE SPOILERS BELOW!! I also decided to do a throwback of all of the #RedCoatTuesday designs that I did this year!
Enjoy! If you love any of the designs you see here, you can just give them a click and it will bring you to the full post so you can see the colors I used and some more details about the designs themselves.  So, the recap from last week is super crazy like I said. The epsisode was called Too Late to Tell the Truth. Ali was convicted of murder. She was found guilty. Holy Shiiiiizzzz!! I freaked out! Not only was she found guilty but ALL of the liars where also arrested.  That girl Lesli basically sold everyone out. She told the court that the liars are at fault and…