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Giveaways Update!

I have not given you guys a Giveaway Update in quite some time and since my time to do nail art is seriously lacking, here is the HOLY GRAIL list!!

I you see that I am missing a giveaway or that you have one that is not on here, please use the contact form or email me (

Also, don't forget about my quick and dirty Birthday Giveaway that I just posted... It's at the top of the list!! Good Luck!

ColorMeSoCrazy Quick Birthday Giveaway
Ends: 5/28

Naked without Polish 2 Year Anniversary Giveaway Ends: 4/30 
Musings of the Wife of a Jedi: The Polish Refund Ends: 4/30
Amanda Loves Polish Giveaway Ends: 4/30
Be Happy and Buy Polish First Blogiversary Giveaway Ends: 4/30
Lacquer or Leave Her!: Two Year Blog-Versary Giveaway Ends: 4/30
Glitter Gloss Garbage ShiperChic Giveaway Ends: 4/30
My Beauty Junction International Makeup Giveaway
Ends: 4/30

Polish Insomniac Nail Sticker Giveaway
Ends: 4/30

Betty's Nails Roby Nails Giveaway
Ends: 4/30

The Beauty Blogger Coalition G…

Nail Art for Nubs- IT"S MY BIRTHDAY

Whoop whoop!! It's my birthday today! So, what do I have on my nails?!?
Skittles! Of course! Whenever I want to go all out and can't decide what to do, I go for skittles. This week, since it's my birthday I wanted to do something super fancy. 

I was going to do a gold and pink combo, but I have been Bold Gold-ing the heck out of my nails lately. So, I went for the silver. I loooooove these!!

I did a silver heart stamp with some of the Aly's stamped with hearts on top for the index finger. Next, I did a simple french with the Revlon on the tip. The ring finger has some of those great sequins on it for some extra bling. My pinky has some simple silver dots.

Colors Used: Aly's Dream Polish- Super Cherry Milani- Silver Revlon- Sequin

For your birthday, do you like to do a special birthday mani? I love to do something sassy every year! 

I am in love with this and I hope it stays a while. I also hope that you saw the sneak peek at the Aly's Dream Polish that I…


Ok, I wasn't going to do it but I did. I threw together a super quick giveaway for my Bday!! The prize is a $15 to Color4Nails.

OK, so enter. All the usual rules apply- see terms in the copter for the dets.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Ends 5/28 at midnight  Open Internationally MUST be 18 years old to enter AND win Don't cheat, PLEASE!! I know who you chronic unfollowers are, so don't even enter- K??
Have fun and Good Luck!!

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Music/Movies/TV

Yes, this is my creativity lacking. I did a little ditty with hand drawn music notes and this creative abstract thing.. Yeah, I tried!!

I think this turned out a lot better in my mind. I think next time when I try these, I am going to use a super skinny striper brush instead of the dotting tool. 

I always forget that my nails are super small. When I plan out a design, sometimes, and try to execute fails. I used to erase and start over, but I decided that part of the blogging experience is just that- an experience. I have to show my good and my bad. 

I really like the idea and the design is pretty awesome, I just could have done better. This is MY new leaf!! I will be showing you all of what I do. Polishes that I don't necessarily like and designs that I don't love. 

Why?? Because I want to show you that I am a human! I have realized this with my new job and my life changing. I am just a human, regular person. I'm not perfect. I can't be! One of my qualities…

Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup

Lola's Secret Beauty Blog: Now that the weather is warming up it's time to stock up on new sunscreens, and Sun Bum Continuous Spray Sunscreen & Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion are two of the best for the long days of summer! beautyXposé: Looking to fall in love with a new lip product? Read Kristin’s thoughts on Lancôme Lip Lover.daydreaming beauty: Amber tests out all natural perfumes and Whipped Body Butter from Pure Natural Diva this week on daydreaming beauty. TheFabZilla: How often do you exfoliate? Kathryne from TheFabZilla tries Beautisol Exscrub Me #FaceExfoliantBeauty by Miss L: Does Avon Super Drama mascara really add dramatic volume & length to your lashes? Glamorable!: Glamorable is venturing into the world of brights with new Wet N Wild Color Icon 5-pan eyeshadow palette. Click here to read the full reviewThe Feminine Files: Kristina has some super convenient Tarte Modern Eyes Shadow/ Liner Duo's for review Never Say Die Beauty: Allison recommends Tra…

Poison Ivy by Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer

**Press Sample**

Poison Ivy
Color- Poison Ivy is a green creme with a light shimmer and various sizes of green glitter.  Application- This went on smooth with full coverage in 1 coat. You all know my need for two coats regardless of the coverage, so that is what I used.  Smell- There is no irregular smell. Price- $6.00 for Full Sized bottle Overall- This is such a rich and vibrant color. The shade of green really changes in the different lighting. If you are a green lover, you should for sure add this to your collection.  Availability- You can find this beauty at the Shirley Ann Nails Etsy Page

Poison Ivy is another great polish from Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer. This is a green shimmer with small green hexes, dots, and micros. I am soooo not a green girl, but this is a super cute polish. I just love the way this polish was made and I am really impressed with the coverage, as well.

This has a flash on it which makes it look super bright green. In different lighting, the different shimmers really…

GOT Polish Challenge- Something Tropical

Tropical!! I CANNOT WAIT for summer!! For this design, I really wanted to get myself into the bright, summery colors. 

I used the LE Sour Skittles from Jindie Nails which has all kinds of lovely neon glitters and that great neon crelly. 

I also used this bright pink from frakker lacquer that I won in a giveaway. It is pretty much the perfect bright, neon pink jelly. 

I was also able to use the Hawaiian floral water decals that I ALSO won in a giveaway. Lucky me!!

I am really happy about the way that this turned out. I got so many compliments on it. So, that tells me that a) my nails rocked today and b) I am not the only one that NEEDS the sun in my life. 

Besides awesomely neoned nails and great new summer polish lines coming, what are some of your summer favorites?? I am most excited about having my kids at home more, vacations, beach and getting my pasty white body in the sun. 
Stay tuned for next week when I am doing a FLORAL design. I am thinking that I may have to break out …

Incoco Nail Polish Strips in Light as a Feather

**Brought to you for review by Incoco** Incoco Nail Polish Strips are dry polish with a base coat, color and top coat all in one. They can last up to 14 days and are easily removable by nail polish remover. Each set is sent with 8 sizes for each hand so you can ensure the perfect fit. If you have never used nail polish stripsbefore, they also provide a fantastic "how-to" video. The color that I am wearing today is LIGHT AS A FEATHER. I am so into gold lately and this satisfies all of my gold and spring needs.

Also, if you didn't already see they have their new spring line out- which I am in love with! I am so excited to stock up for the summer. These are so awesome for weekend trips or vacations when I don't want to have to polish my nails. They are all in one and remove just like regular polish. They have the perfect amount of base coat, coats of regular polish and top coat. They are just so awesome. 

Once you picked your shades of choice, the checkout process i…

Nail Art for Nubs

This weeks Nail Art for Nubs is featuring more light, springy and pastel colors. I used my modified waterfall design. The story behind this design is that I tried to copy the waterfall design that I saw being done so many time. Tried being the operative word. I failed. My waterfall lines were all crooked and intertwining. I was soooo mad at myself. I rushed, didn't take the time to do straight lines and now I had a swervy, curvy grass-like looking design.

At first, I was ticked. Then, I took my pics and started to edit. I saw that I actually liked it. I really, really liked it. The way that the lines were intertwining, overlapping and curved made it really unique. 

So, that is how the modified waterfall was born. I do this design often. When I find a new color combo that I really like, I usually do dots or the modified waterfall as the art. 

Also, as you can see... I really nubbed my nails. They are super short because I had breaks on my ring and middle fingers. Boo, to yard work!

The Nail Challenge Collaborative presents Music/Movies/TV

Today, I am starting a little make-up trail because I fell behind in my favorite challenge group. This month's theme is Music/Movies/TV so I decided to kick it off with only 11 days left in the month. So, I am about to bang these out!!

There are some incredibly talented ladies in this group and I am so honored to be a part of it. I have seen soo many great entries so far. This is the problem for starting late every darn month.

Ok-- since it is Easter, I will be doing an Easter theme. Hmmmm what is music, a movie or TV that has to do with Easter??

HOP!! That's right! I am using HOP! Could you tell?? As you can see, this movie came out 3 years ago and it is still my kids go-to Easter movie. I was so excited when I realized this challenge would match up with Easter.

Have you ever seen Hop? What do you think? I love cute little animated films. They crack me up and make my kids happy. It's like the best of both worlds.

Do you have any other favorite Easter movies?? I can't …