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52 Week Challenge- Rainbow

Meh. Not my favorite, but still cute!! I went with a straight plain rainbow. The traditional Roy G. Biv. I liked the challenge of gradient with the contrasting colors and I really like the simplicity of the rainbow. Enjoy!

Sinful Colors- Cross My Heart Sinful Colors- Let's Meet WetnWild- Sunny Side Up NYC- High Line Green Sinful Colors- Cinderella Revlon- Ocean Breeze Sinful Colors- Amethyst Hit Polish- Treasured

5th Time Wearer- Literally!!

So I got these colors from Marshall's for a good deal and this lovely model has a mutual love for their namer. Well, maybe she loves him more than I do, but we both a weird love for the Biebs. I told her I picked up these colors and one thing led to another and I ended up doing a quick mani at the office today! The plus side is she literally had maybe 5 polishes in her LIFE!! That's just crazy to me. Mairin was a great sport and probably did it just to make me smile, but it was awesome. Without further ado:
OPI Nicole- I've Got Bieber Fever OPI Nicole- Step 2 the Beat of my ❤ Model- Mairin

Steelers Sunday

Welcome to Steelers game day yet again!! We will need a little extra love this week since our THIRD string quarterback is starting, but we playing probably the worst team in the entire league- the Browns...BOOOOO... (no offense Browns fans, its a Steelers thing) Need I say more?!? I will leave the football talk there and continue with some nail talk. So, I did a Saran mani for a challenge last week and I wanted to give it another go. I used two dark colors for my challenge and I figured the *awesome* black and yellow would contrast nicely. I added some white as well. For all the fingers (except my ring finger) I started with a black base and "saraned" a yellow and white on top. For the ring finger, I started with a white base and "saraned" the black and yellow on top. I added the black tip for that "crazy" effect that makes me Color Me So Crazy! Enjoy and LET'S GO STEELERS!!

Maybelline- Fierce and Tangy Sinful Colors- Black on Black Sinful Colors- Snow M…

Fall into Autumn Challenge- Fall Flair

I have made it through my official last challenge day of my official first real challenge!! I am so proud that I stuck with it and tried my best. I wrap up the fall with a Fall Flair. I combined two of my favorite deep reds with a fall glitter by Hit Polish. I must mention that this bottle of Hit Polish was one of the first I bought from her and it is still in great condition. Another reason why I love her product. Without further shennanigans; Fall Flair:

Revlon- Devilish Hit Polish- Sparrow Pure Ice- All Nighter Out the Door

52 Week Challenge- Saran Wrap

Ok, so this is my first Saran mani and I was a little nervous. First, I wanted to pick the perfect colors. I was torn between contrasting colors or similar colors. I went for contrasting, but still dark. I chose a tannish color and then a dark bluish purple. I love them together, but if I had a "redo" I would have went slightly lighter on the bottom coat. So I got my colors, Saran, extra remover and I was ready to go. I did do a little reading on tips for this' mani before I tried it. Best tip I found: make your Saran balls before you start. I also discovered with this mani that the Essie and Out the Door combination shrank my polish on the tips of my finger. I may have to do further investigation with this combination to see if its all Essie's or just this one. Without further ado--here's the result... Enjoy!!

Essie- Glamour Purse Sinful Colors- Mesmerize Out the Door

Lets Go Steelers!!!

Well this is a big week for Steelers Nation! We are playing the suckass Ravens AND we are missing one Ben Roethlisberger! It's will be a rough game, but (like always) the black and gold will prevail!! Enjoy!

Sinful Colors- Black on Black Sinful Colors- Lets Meet Hit Polish- Puttin on the Ritz Loose Gold Glitter

TJ Maxx Picks

I picked up 2 cute Essie's (half the price!!) at TJ Maxx today!
Smooth Sailing
Glamour Purse


Fall into Autumn Challenge- Harvest/Thanksgiving

This was a huge challenge for me when I was trying to figure out what "harvest" was! A nice group member pointed out to me that we could do a Thanksgiving theme instead!! Of course I chose a turkey! I always wanted to do a full picture using all my nails and this was the perfect opportunity! Gobble Gobble!

Revlon- Hot for chocolate Maybelline- Fierce and Tangy WetnWild- Sunny Side Up Cosmo Girl- Black and White Art Deco- Red Nail Art- Cocoa Out The Door

52 Week Challenge- Black and White

I loooove monochromatic colors and this is right up my ally. I wanted to stay simple, yet still keep a level of complexity. The illusional effects were added for that level of complexity. Enjoy!

Sinful Colors- Black on Black Sinful Colors- Snow Me White

Go Steelers!! A little late :(

So I had every good, honest intention to post yesterday but.... I worked all day and then served all night. Being a home game, I had 0 down time to post. I also forgot the name of my Maybelline color. So, GOOD JOB STEELERS!!!

Sinful Colors- Black on Black
Maybelline Color Show- Fierce and Tangy
NYC- Matte Me Crazy