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The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Geometric Sunburst

**Press Sample**  This is the last design for this months theme of Geometric design. This theme was really fun to do and I am super proud to say that I was able to complete all four looks I made it just in time. Literally, just in time but I did it!! We also announced next months theme which is going to be stripes, so I did a nice lead way into next month for you. I used striping tape to create this effect in a sort of sunburst-esque shape. I also used a polish from the NEW line of Barielle Me Couture Fall 2014 line. It is called Boho Chic and it described as a "creamy deep sea green". Stay tuned for the entire collection coming soon, HERE!! This was a really simple, but fun design!! Colors Used: Barielle- Boho Chic
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The Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup

TheFabZilla: Is The Rock Chick Luxury Palette from Charlotte Tilbury a must-have? TheFabZilla has the deets! Lola's Secret Beauty Blog: Looking to add an amazing and affordable beauty oil to your skincare routine? Then evanhealy Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum Rose is your new beauty BFF! Color Me So Crazy: A Fun Review of Super Cute Bow Decals from YouPolish Painted Ladies: Sheila shows you how she goes from curly to sleek with Blowout Beauty Anti-Frizz Volume Boost Treatment Oil. beautyXposé: Kristin shares some of her favorite Velvet Berry lip products. Icy Nails: BFTE's The Shining Limited Edition Eye Shadow Collection is five frightfully fun shades. See them swatched here.Never Say Die Beauty: Allison's picks for Fall makeup 2014Be Happy And Buy Polish: Are you looking for nail inspiration for a night out? Check out Jessica's post with 6 different manicures! BeautyTidbits: Enter to win the new COLOR ME Automatic Foundation Applicator Starter Kit worth $54! (5 winne…

YouPolish Sparrow Decals

**Press Sample** Yes, another great set of YouPolish decals. These are Sparrows. How cute are these?? I have been reviewing these decals for the last couple weeks and I have loved every set I have tried. I have not had one rip or tear. That means that the materials that are used or such high quality. This is great because it means the money you are spending is worth it and you will not be wasting it on cheap material ripping when you go to pull it off the paper. You get your choice of 1 of 30 colors. The ones that I am wearing are in Arctic Blue. This is such a cool blue color. I am not usually a blue fan because of what it does to my skin tone, but this is really a pretty accent color on top of just about any base. When you buy these, you get a total of 72 decals on a sheet for only $5.50 and FREE shipping!! If you are interested in buying this decal, you can grab it up here. These were great to apply and super easy. No tearing or ripping due to the high quality vinyl. I recommend tha…

Zoya Ulta PixieDust Fall 2014

**Press Sample**

The Fall has officially arrived when our PixieDust polishes come out! This year Zoya has given us three beautiful colors. They are all a gorgeous variety of a red color. Each one unique in it's own way and each one gorgeous! I love these all whether they are with a topcoat or on their own, they make a great addition to any sweater wearing day.
True red, textured PixieDust with Mega Hex Particles is what Zoya call this polish. The first thing I thought of when I put this on was Ruby Red Slippers. Yes, from Wizard of Oz. This is a very pretty sparkly red.

 This is Oswin with a topcoat on it. The PixieDusts are very thick textured polishes so if you are going to use a topcoat, you need to use a nice thick one. The reason is because the thick textured polishes are very thirsty and the suck up your topcoat quickly. Either use a couple coats or a really thick one.


Zoya says this is a blue-toned red wine, textured PixieDust with Mega Hex Particles. I love t…

Beauty Products I Cannot Live Without

**Press Samples**I Bought It** Ok... So I decided to do a post on what beauty products I NEEEED to always replenish! These are items that I may try new brands of, but always fall back to these specific items. I either am in love with the color or the scent or just the product itself, but I always buy multiples and I would be absolutely devastated if it was ever discontinued. Yes, I am always testing new products and showing you what's out there and I will continue to do that. Who knows, there may be a new list of "Beauty Products I Cannot Live Without" next year, but this is what I need to have in my life right now!!

1. Urban Decay- All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray. I use a setting spray often. I know, I know I don't party all day long. I do, however, work really looooong hours and this is something that helps my make up last. This with really great primer, my days of running around doesn't matter because my face still looks flawless comes 7pm!!
2. bene…

GOT Polish Challenge Wraps Up with Brown

It is time to say goodbye to Golden Oldie Thursdays, but I promise next week we are starting with something suuuuper fun. It is a combination of some of the past challenges, so get ready!!

I decided to use 3 really fun and Fall brown colors for this design. I used different textures with dots and swirls to give it some added depth. Overall, I really like this design for being all browns. 

First, I painted my nail with the Hot Chocolate and then I swirled half of my nail with the Leather loose. I tried to get creative and once it was almost dried I lightly blotted a paper towel on it to create a texture. Well, it didn't work so well. You can kind of see it on some nails. I then divided the two nail polishes with a swirl line of the Park Ave and lined that with dots of the Leather Loose.

Colors Used: Revlon- Hot Chocolate Sinful Colors- Leather Loose NYC New York Color- Park Ave

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Hello Keurig 2.0

**Brought to you by Influenster**
I was given the opportunity of a lifetime. For real! If you knew how much coffee my husband and I drink, you would know how much we love our Keurig. When Influenster sent me the email telling me that I was in to review this product, I was so pumped. I immediately hopped on the webs to see what the **NEW** Keurig 2.0 had to offer.  So what is so different about this Keurig?? Well let me tell you: 1. Carafe. You can now brew more than 1 cup at a time. You can brew a full carafe. This allows me and hubby or me and guests to enjoy coffee. This was a huge downfall for me before. When we were entertaining, it was super frustrating to have a cup of coffee with dessert. We had to brew individual cups and it took forever. Well, now we just brew a carafe that holds 5 cups and that fixes that solution.  2. Digital Display. There is a touch screen display where you can choose your brewing options. I have the K500 model, so I have the most options. There are sev…

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Geometric- Holographic Style

I decided to do a holographic twist on my third look of geometric style for The Nail Challenge Collaborative. I used a stamping plate that I have no idea where it even came from. Like it literally just popped up from no where. Like under my helmer. I saw it glimmering and I was like, "what is that". I pulled it out and bam!! Match made in heaven!! These were really fun to do. I love my Color Club Halos. I won them in a giveaway almost 2 years ago and every time I put them on, I melt all over again. I actually used 3 colors from the collection, but it was super hard to show them since I had ZERO lighting because of the cruddy weather we have been having.
Anyway, I think for my last challenge I am going to do some negative space artwork. I have not done a negative space mani for quite some time and I think that time has come back around. I like geometric designs and simplicity and I went quite fancy for this one, so I think it's time to do super simple. What is m…

Showing Off YouPolish Decals Bows!!

**Press Sample**

I have been showing you these cute little decals that I have been lucky enough to show you from YouPolish. These are my favorite. They are cute little bows. They can be used as decals and stay on the nails or be used a stencils and painted over and then pulled off to show the outline. I love these. They are so classy and just enough to dress up just about any plain color. I am showing the color Mint. I have super small nails, so I did have to trim them a little. I like that they were long enough to fit nails of ladies that may have wider nails or that if I wanted to spruce up my toes, I could do that as well. Colors Used: Zoya- Emilia They come in a sheet of 75 for only $5.50. You can get them in 1 of 30 different colors. If you are interested in purchasing this specific decal, you can do so here.YouPolish has FOUR pages of different decals so if you don't love bows, she surly has something that you will love. She also has some Halloween decals up in her shop…

Beauty Blog Coalition Presents The Weekly Roundup

TheFabZilla: Meet Catherine and Dominique, TheFabZilla's new girls from NARS Audacious Lipstick CollectionLola's Secret Beauty Blog: Looking for a truly water resistant facial sunscreen that can withstand sun and fun at the beach? Then look no further than Shade SPF 30+ Tinted Sunscreen! Painted Ladies: Enter to win a Bonnie Marcus Nail Design Kit! It's a perfect gift for nail art lovers of all ages. Beauty by Miss L: Budget friendly Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair hair mask. beautyXposé: Shop special, limited-time sales from Skin Authority. Color Me So Crazy: Skittle Nail Design Fun Using YouPolish Decals Never Say Die Beauty: New Giveaway on NSDB: your choice of NeoCell Biotin Bursts or Hyaluronic Acid Blueberry Liquid! Enter to win!Fluttering Lashes: Check out my latest beauty box dalliance - it's all about Ipsy!

Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup

Lola's Secret Beauty Blog: Back-to-School Drugstore Budget Beauty Finds from Head to Toe!TheFabZilla: How was your summer? TheFabZilla shares her highlights, fitness and lifestyle-wise!Beauty by Miss L: Was Birchbox UK September box hit or miss? beautyXposé: Kristin pops her MAC cherry and shares the detail of her first mini MAC haul after the jump.Color Me So Crazy: Have you heard of Elastin?? Look what I have to say about Reviva Labs Elastin Serum!Never Say Die Beauty: Allison's FOTD is her quick everyday no-makeup look & the products she uses to get itThe Passenger Element: it Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Corrector in Medium - swatchThe Feminine Files: Pacifica recently debuted a nail polish line and I have some pretty fall shades to show you!Fluttering Lashes: There's nothing quite like the truth - but the Sacred Truth? Oh my, it's the best!

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Geometric Triangles

For my second round of Geometric Design from the Nail Challenge Collaborative, I brought that neon! I did some taping triangles. I used striping tape to create some pretty funky triangles alternating upright on my nails.  These were really fun to do. I actually started to do something that was free hand little triangles with a totally different color scheme, but I trashed that and decided to save it for next week. My patience went out the window and striping tape came in.  I really thought about adding a matte coat to this, but I decided to let it go. I am in love with my matte polish so I tend to over matte. Wait.. there is no such thing as "over-matting", but I let it be glossy. I think definitely for my next look I am going to try for something free hand. I think it would be really easy to just stamp all four looks and I really want to challenge myself since I skipped last month. We shall see what my next week brings, but as of right now I am planning some free hand f…

GOT Polish Challenge Presents Burnt Orange/ Copper

For this weeks challenge, I am back on track!! I missed my ignored for too long because, well, I have too many that have been ignored for too long and that's why I do this challenge. 
I used a color that sits in my drawer called Iced Copper by Pure Ice. I think that my sister may have gifted this to me many, many moons ago.  I think this is the perfect mix of burnt orange and copper. Well, maybe more learning towards burnt orange than copper, but still. 
I also think this is the perfect bridge into fall. It's my favorite season. Next week is brown, so we are definitely going in that direction. I am hoping to slap up some leaves or something fall themed for next week since we will be in the full swing of fall.

I put the question out earlier today to my Facebook fans about what kinds of orange polish they own because every time I do something that requires organ polish, it reminds me that I only have 4-6 bottles of orange and that's just not enough shades to pick from. I wa…