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The Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Round Up and Say Goodbye to January

Painted Ladies: A sweet eyeshadow tutorial for Valentine's Day featuring the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette.Advice Sisters Beauty,Fashion,Lifestyle: Can Fish Eggs Really Tighten Your Skin. Alison of finds a luxe product that doesColor Me So Crazy: I'm Showing Off Some Studio Gear Matte Lipstick and You Don't Want to Miss It!!! Never Say Die Beauty: Allison from Never Say Die Beauty is showing off her FOTD with fab new makeup from Milani. I Know all the Words: Things get cutesy (and very pink) with the Hello Kitty Collection by OPILola's Secret Beauty Blog: TATCHA SILKEN Pore Perfecting Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35 is the perfect sunscreen that is nourishing, offers great perfection, and serves as a fantastic makeup primer. Sunscreen really doesn’t get better than this! From My Vanity: Check out these NEW products from L'Oreal, Physicians Formula, Milani, and Burt's Bees!Makeup Obsessed Mom: Correcting and concealing made easy with th…

Tweezerman For All of Your Pedicure Needs

**Tweezerman Ambassador**
Let's talk about nail health! Instead of nail art, today we are going to talk about what I do before we get to all those pretty designs! Pedicures are a MUST during the summer and most of us forget to do them during the winter because are toes aren't out and freeeee! I try to give myself a full pedicure at least once every three weeks. The dry winter weather is super harsh on all of my skin; even my feet! Tweezerman offers every tool that you could possibly need and/or want to help with your pedicure needs. First up, I have the Regency Collection Fingernail and Toenail Clippers. The Regency Collection has a laser- etched pattern and is 100% sanitizable. They both have ultra- precise blades which makes clipping super easy! The Toenail Clippers have a silicone removable case that is designed to catch the clippings. It is also designed for comfort.You can grab the Toe Nail Clippers for $12 here. Pushy and Nail Cleaner and Ingrown Toenail File an…

Make Me Pretty Giveaways

*All photos are provided by giveaway owners. All credit is given to them. *
Today is make my Pretty Giveaways!! You get a comprehensive list of giveaways from around the Beauty Blog World!! I will gather a list of giveaways throughout the week and put them in a post. I will post the link on my sidebar so in case you miss it, you can quickly access it from there.

f you are interested in adding one that I have missed, please do so by using my contact  form here of emailing me at

Notes from My Dressing Table Shiseido IBUKI Multi-Solution Gel Giveaway Ends: 2/1

The Lacquerologist Silly Bee's Checkadees Giveaway

Ends: 2/1

MyChelle Giveaway from Never Say Die Beauty

Ends: 2/3

Beauty Info Zone Melody Susie LED Light

Ends: 2/5

Writing Beauty Valentine's Day Giveaway

Ends: 2/7

RoC Skincare Giveaway from Beauty Info Zone
Ends: 2/8

Blushing Noir Chanel Troubleante Giveaway

Ends: 2/10

Cosmetopia Digest 3rd Blogiversary Giveaway

Ends: 2/20

Frost and Polish 

Ends: 2/29

Valentia Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub and Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask

**Sponsored by Valentia**
Today I am bring you get another one of my favorite brands, Valentia. This brand consistency puts out quality products that just loves my skin. I have been using both of these every other day for the past 3 weeks and I just love the results. I have oily, problem skin (all of you know this because I complain all the time about it) and I have been searching for what is going to help me rid or at least help reduce my breakouts.  Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub This product smells amazzzzzing! It's made with Green and White tea but it has a citrus smell to it. I really, really like this product. With continued use, it has really helped calm the redness on my face, control breakouts and eliminate any blackheads. This has been a miracle product for me- truly!
Important Ingredients:
Aloe Vera: This nutrient rich botanical moisturizes the skin and fights aging by improving skin firmness. In addition, this also helps with the redness and aides in the healing proce…

Exuviance SkinRinse Bionic Tonic- Sounds Like It Has Super Powers?!

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Today, I have a product that claims to be able to instantly create a radiant complexion, stimulate fresh new skin cells and bring to life & strengthen stressed skin. I have been testing this for a couple weeks now and I think I am able to give you an answer as to if this product can deliver.  Exuviance is a company that works under NeoStrata Inc. I have worked with a couple NeoStrata products before so I am super glad to be able to show you an actual Exuviance product because they are amaaaazzzing! Exuviance has been giving me the love of Glycolic Acid in so many different ways over the last couple of years. I have tried a couple different products from them so when I saw this one, I was thrilled to try it. Their products ( always seem to yield great results and still smell fantastic. This one isn't any different. This is a tiny jar of magic or as they call it "Bionic Tonic". Like hello, how cool is that. It sounds like …

RedCoatTuesday is BACKKKKK

**May Contain Press Samples**
Yes, I know we are starting this a little late in the game but myself and a couple of the girls decided to start this little round up back up!
Ok, so what do you think of this season so far? Do you love it? Is the 5 year time hop weird? Do you even care anymore about PLL?
So someone killed A in the last episode and now the girls are trying to find out who it is. From what I can gather, they think Aria knows more than she is telling and they think Ezra may be a suspect. We all know that PLL is more complicated than that so it's not going to be that easy.
I did this design because I really need this season to stop being so nicey, nicey and start getting more gory. I don't understand why no one is telling Allison she is being a little crazy.... she needs to stop being so A loving. I mean A tortured them for years- forget that bitch!!
Colors Used:
Man Glaze- #MatteisMurder
Esmaltes de Kelly- Slice of Life

OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review and Pictures

**Product Review**
I am so excited to have this type of product back in my life! I have taken Hylauonic Acid out of my routine just because I ran out and have not been able to find a quality brand that I wanted to use again. When I had to opportunity from OZ Naturals, I hopped right on it! I have tried so many products from this company that I was super happy to give this one a try.  HA has to stay in my rotation and I will tell you why. This product really just acts as a cushion and a plumper for our skin. This is super important because between all the elements we face each day and for what torturous things we do to our skin we need a barrier to help keep our skin plump, soft and supple. Since HA is naturally occurring, we already have it in our body BUT the production decreases with age. That is what contributes to those nasty wrinkles, fine lines and sagging. HA even may stimulate collagen product--- YAAASS please!
Another reason, that I use HA, is that it does help with my acne.…

Studio Gear True Matte Lipstick AND I'm Truly in LOVE!

**Press Samples** I am soooo super excited to bring you today's collection. I have teamed up with Studio Gear to bring you some new items and I'm super pumped. I got to try a studio gear foundation a loooooong time ago when I first started out. I'm not even going to link it because it literally was 4 years ago but it was amazing and I am so happy that I have this opportunity to try out more of their products. They also gave me an AWESOME coupon code for all of you. Crazy16 will get you 10% all of your purchases at I also have a **DUPE ALERT** below for the coveted Kylie Jenner Lip Kit.
This time, it's lipstick. Now, it's not just any lipstick BUT the True Matte collection. So, it's my favorite finish. Now, to see if Studio Gear matte measures up to the Matte Queen!!

True Nude
First up, I have the nude of the bunch. Studio Gear says that this "modern classic is warmed up with a touch of pink for universally flattering appeal". I really…

Beauty Blog Coalition Presents Weekly Round Up

Never Say Die Beauty: Allison from Never Say Die Beauty is giving away a purse spray of exotic Lady Vengeance eau de parfum from indie brand, Juliette Has A Gun. Enter to win it!

Makeup by Kim Porter: Kim reviews the Irresistible Me Diamond Professional Flat Iron, see how it worked on her natural hair. Color Me So Crazy: Tweezerman Has All the Goodies for Your Nails!I Know all the Words: CC gets cushy with Pur Air Perfection CC Cushion Foundation. From My Vanity: Katie shared how she keeps her legs smooth and silky throughout the winter on her blog this week! There's a bonus DIY body scrub recipe, too!Makeup Obsessed Mom: Get fit in the comfort of your own home using resistance bands. See how Stacie is using hers.Confessions of a Makeup Addict: IT Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush DuoProcrastiNails: Pink, blue, stamping and chevrons are some of the things that make up this fun hipster mani Katherine did this week! TheFabZilla: Are you into liquid lipsticks? TheFabZilla shares the high&…

You Can Now Get derma e at Target

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The story behind derma e:
Imagine a time, not long ago...

When people didn’t consider how their internal health affected their outward appearance. And, nobody understood that what you put on your skin matters too. The phrases “superfood”, “holistic health” and “sustainable” were rarely or never used. Nobody was concerned about their skincare being eco-friendly and nobody was eating kale.
Then derma e® got started.
Healthy before healthy was “in”
derma e® pushed skincare forward in a new direction by fusing powerful vitamins and plants together with modern science - we called it Green Chemistry. Continuing to be always aware, derma e® adheres to the highest ethical standards when it comes to animal welfare and our impact on the planet.
The results
derma e® built a passionate following in the natural products industry and beyond, always aspiring to make highly effective, premium skincare formulas but with cruelty-free green chemistry.

I (probably …