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Ugly Sweater Nails by Zoya

**May Contain Press Samples** Yes!! I haven't done an Ugly Sweater design in quite some time, so I am super excited to be doing this one. Zoya offers some really great holiday colors and I happened to pick my 3 favorite. They may not be the ugliest colors to complete the Ugly Sweater challenge, but they are my favorite combination.  Colors Used: Zoya- Ming Zoya- Elphie Zoya- Levi I used some sticker stencils that I purchased a few years ago for the design. They were a little finicky in some areas, but I think it's because of the Pixie glitters. Overall, this was super fun and super easy to do. Do you have any fun holiday nail designs planned? If so, share them on my Facebook page!! I would love to see them! 

Christmas Tree Nails- How To

**May Contain Press Samples** I have not done a quick tutorial for you guys in so long. I decided to bring it back for one of my favorite, easy holiday designs. It's perfect to dress up any nails and super easy to do! I started with a white base coat on an accent nail. Once my base coat dried, I taped it off. I did a v-shape outline for the edges of the tree. Next I used a skinnier tape to do a criss cross pattern down to the edge of the nail.  Once all of my tape was in place (as you can see it wasn't sticking for me), I added a green color on top of the tape. The area that I was doing my nails in was quite chilly so that is probably why all of my tape was curling. It's kind of important to do your nails in a warmer area so the polish and accessories work well with you.  Once you applied all of your green color, remove the tape. You will be left with a tree looking shape. Now you are ready to decorate!  This is where you get to be creative! You can a

Hydrate EVERYTHING for the Winter Season From Derma-E

**Press Samples** I loooooove when I get treats from Derma-E! They set me up to share they best skincare for every season. I just finished using the scar treatment- stay tuned to IG to see a before and after and I just started using the Psorzema Cream on my daughter to combat her eczema. This time, I am sharing 2 products to help combat that winter freeze that just dries out your skin.  First up is a product that I am quite familiar with. It is something that I have incorporated into my daily routine no matter the season.  The  Hydrating Night Cream  is a super moisturizing mask like cream that literally wraps your entire skin in an envelope of moisture. I noticed a difference just after the first use. My skin felt plumper, smoother, and hydrated for the entire day. After about 30 days of use, my skin actually looked very different. It looked healthier, brighter, clearer. I always struggled with moisture since I do have acne.  I came from the thought of if my skin was o

Rimmel London- Plums Galore!

**Press Sample** On this lovely day, I get to show off some vampy lips brought to you by Rimmel London. I am so excited for this vampy season. It is my favorite shades- yes- it- all the vampy colors! First up, I have Midnight. This is a deep, vampy red matte color that is just perfect for the winter. I loooooove this color and I am so happy to have added such a deep, dark matte to my collection. I do want to talk about the formula a little, but I'll save it to the end because I think it's that important! Plum this show pulls more of a deep, bright crimson on me. It does show of a deeper red in the tube,but once in true light, it does show as a brighter red. Every needs a true red matte and this one hits the nail on the head with that color. Overall, I love these colors but the application is a little tricky; as most matte colors are. Mattes should be used on primed lips. This means using a scrub and moisturizing them. I did notice the wear on these colors we

Zoya Party Girls Winter/Holiday Collection Part II

**Press Samples** Finishing up this magnificent collection is 6 more beauties that are in the Party Girls collection. You will find that so many of these colors are perfect for both everyday work AND that after work party. Join in me in checking out the last 6 loves of Party Girls! KELSEY Ummm hey bubblegum pink. Kelsey is a gorgeous, muted pink that fits into any holiday collection. I love the brightness of this color and how it doesn't lean purple! I really like that Zoya included this in their holiday collection. A bright color is much needed for any holiday manicure. LANDON Zoya describes this as a deep aubergine cream. I love this color! I am a purple lover and this shade is perfect! Its almost like a lighter, redder plum. Eggplant would be the best match of a real world object I can describe an aubergine color. I would use this pretty color pretty much all winter long through all my parties, too! I love the purple shade and I love how perfect it looks

Sephora Play! November Box

**Bought It** I literally fall in love with Sephora each time I get my box. I immediately want to and buy all the things. So, marketing team... props to you! This months box is pretty great and I can't wait to share with you what I thought. Survival of the Chillest is the theme! Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum This is a ultra hydrating serum with grape water concentrated to bring back the moisture you need in your skin. I have used this a couple of time with my nighttime routine and I have noticed a difference. I have made an effort to add an extra hydrating factor into my skin routine in the winter because dry skin for me = breakouts. Vinosource S.O.S. can be used morning and night, too. I do like this product, but I am still on the fence about purchasing a full size because I am a derma e lover.  Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara I actually loooooove this mascara! If you have ever read any of my other masc