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Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Round Up

Be Happy And Buy Polish: Have you ever avoided a messy manicure because of the cleanup you'd have to do? Jessica reviews a product from Ellison's Organics that will help you out! Lola's Secret Beauty Blog: EcoBrow Defining Wax and Brush are the perfect duo to achieve anything from subtle brows to the boldest of the bold. The formula and buildable coverage are just outstanding! TheFabZilla: So is it a bronzer, foundation or mist? TheFabZilla reviews Givenchy Brume Bonne Painted Ladies: Hello, tomato red! Review and giveaway of the Butter London Shine Out Loud collection . I Know all the Words: Give your black liners a break and embrace a new shade with Kat Von D Ink Liners in Bosch, Hemingway, and Baudelaire Never Say Die Beauty: Allison is hosting a butterLONDON new makeup GIVEAWAY on her blog now! Color Me So Crazy: Kate by Rimmel is on the Blog!! Check out my LOVE!! Beauty by Miss L: No makeup makeup look and no makeup eye makeup tutorial featuring Urb

Make Me Pretty Giveaways

**All photos are provided by giveaway owners. All credit is given to them. **  Today is make my  Pretty  Giveaways!! You get a comprehensive list of giveaways from around the Beauty Blog World!! I will gather a list of giveaways throughout the week and put them in a post. I will post the link on my sidebar so in case you miss it, you can quickly access it from there. If you are interested in adding one that I have missed, please do so by using my contact  form  here  of emailing me at Clinique in Bloom Giveaway from Inspirations and Celebrations Ends: 5/31 Slashed Beauty 3 Year Anniversary Giveaway Ends: 5/31 Beauty Blogger Reviews Lather Giveaway Ends: 6/5 The Lacquerologist Butter London Giveaway Ends: 6/5 Painted Ladies Butter London Giveaway Ends: 6/10 Butter London Giveaway from Never Say Die Beauty E nds: 6/10 StriVectin Giveaway from Beauty on the Bayou Ends: 6/15 Color Me So

Born Pretty Rhombus Water Decals Nail Art

**Product Review** I got these really cool, geometric water decals to play with from Born Pretty. I decided to go for a cosmic look, so of course I used Star Hopping from China Glaze as my base coat. They are $1.99 and you can choose from gold your silver. These were really easy to apply and for those of you who have never used a water decal, they are suuuuper easy to use! You just cut out the area that you want to apply. For me, I just cut out sections that fit my nail. Don't forget I have super tiny nail beds, so I had to kind of shimmy things around and trim a couple designs. So, all you do is place the piece that you want to apply to your nail in a bowl of water and let it sit for a couple of seconds. You can test it to see if the design slides off easily. If it does, it's ready. If not, let it sit for a couple more seconds. When it's ready, just place it on your nail. Seal it with your favorite top coat. I use Seche Vite .   I really liked these dec

Look at What I Bought for MY Birthday!!

**Bought It** Last month was my birthday and I decided to treat myself to some goodies. These are some goodies that have been sitting on my wish list for quite some time. Now being a beauty blogger, you would think that I have more than enough products but NOOO quite the opposite. I always see things my fellow bloggers talk about or other products in the lines for brands that I blog about and that is how my list grows.  So, on to the show.  First up is BROWFOOD tinted brow enhancing gelfix. This is a category in my makeup cabinet that I can never have enough of because I am obsessed with brows. I saw a fellow blogger with this on her blog and she swears by it so I had to check it out. So, this is a wand and it kind of looks like mascara except there are little fibers in this product. So it actually helps fill your brows with actual fibers AND color. I am in loooove with this product! It lasts up to 12 hours and doesn't get crusty or look hard. There is al

Zoya Island Fun Collection: Fun for Your Fingers and Toes All Summer Long!

**Press Samples** Ok, so you all know how disappointed I was in the Paradise Sun Collection so do you think this was any better? Ok disappointed is not the right word but I should say bummed out about the stainers and formula of Genesis. I looooved the colors but you know... Ugh! I really think Zoya nails a creme every time.... Get it- Nails it. Lol! Like I have never been disappointed in a creme that I have bought from Zoya, EVER!! I think their formula is spot on, I think their colors are gorgeous, I just think their cremes are a dream. *wink wink* lol.  Don't get me wrong, I loved the metallic pearl finish but these cremes are just so vibrant and ready for summer! You can snatch each of these for $8 each or $54 for the sampler. These all have complimenting colors in the Paradise Sun Collection and you can check these those swatches here . So... what do I think?? Check it out! Jace This is described as a modern tropical green by Zoya. I think this is a perfe

Rimmel Kate Moss Collection

**Provided by Influenster** I am super excited about both of these products that I am about to show you because I love a good drug store product. A) sooo much easier on my wallet and B) when a drug store brand does it right, it just makes me smile. Kate Moss teamed up with Rimmel to do a product line and I got to try a lipstick and the mascara. Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara created by Kate Moss   I talked about the brush when I did the Bella VoxBox reveal but I am a super fan of it. It was tricky at first, but it's all in the flick of the wrist. I am pretty sure this is the same formula as the original Scandaleyes but with a different brush.  Again, I actually like the broken hearted shape of the wand. It hugs the lash and pulls it up nice and tight. Like I said, it just takes a little practice to get the hang of it, but it gives your lash nice extension and a nice curl. I said this in my previous post, but this was a little more wet than a usual mascara, so y