#RedCoAtTuesdAy SeAson FinAle

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We made it!! Tonight we get to find out who A is. I am not going to do a full wrap up for you guys because if you have not watched up until this point, I just can't because there is soooo much going on! I am just going to go full on cray and do a quick synopsis so BEWARE!! THERE ARE SPOILERS BELOW!! I also decided to do a throwback of all of the #RedCoatTuesday designs that I did this year!

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If you love any of the designs you see here, you can just give them a click and it will bring you to the full post so you can see the colors I used and some more details about the designs themselves. 
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So, the recap from last week is super crazy like I said. The epsisode was called Too Late to Tell the Truth. Ali was convicted of murder. She was found guilty. Holy Shiiiiizzzz!! I freaked out! Not only was she found guilty but ALL of the liars where also arrested.
 That girl Lesli basically sold everyone out. She told the court that the liars are at fault and Mike had an anger issue. Oh speaking of Mike....
 He tried to save the day when Ezra tried to save him and ended up getting tied up?! Tongue twister? Well he did and when Ezra and Toby tried to report it Officer Bitch Face called them bad friends and basically said they were as guilty as A!
Red Coat Tuesday Giveaway- Milani- sinful colors- pretty little liars- nail polish giveaway
 Ok, so that is my SUUUUPER quick wrap up. Now, on to my questions I have....
#RedCoatTuesday for Pretty Little Liars using Rimmel London Lippy, pretty little liars, pretty little liars lips, red lips, red lippy, pretty little liars make up 
It's always first.... Is Mona still alive?
Is Tanner on the A Team?? Why does she hate the Liars so much?
Red Coat Tuesday using Zoya, Episode 18 season 5 recap 
 Speaking of A team.. Andrew?!? Hello... Super Sketchy!! He's a person of interest now but how does he fit into the whole scheme of things?
esmaltes da kelly- rica polish- pretty little liars decals- pretty little liars giveaway- green goddess creations- pretty little liars nails- pretty little liars
 The whole archery scene in the courtroom... Where Ali apparently shoots a perfect score. Is that Ali lying or is  it a Twincidence?? I think it's the later half!
 Anyway, I just can't wait to find out what the heck happens tonight!! All I know is I better find out who another A is and I want it to be awesome with all the work we did this year. Also, stay tuned to find out who the winners of our big giveaway are. They will  be announced shortly!!


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