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Explore with Me: Bridal Bliss from Zoya Part II

**Press Samples** I previewed the first part of the Bridal Bliss a few weeks ago where I debuted 6 super pretty neutral tones .  The last 6 colors have a little more color and more of a pinkish lean. Each of these beauties will run you only $10 a bottle. I will pick out some of my favorites below to get you started!! ABBY Yesssss... now we are dipping a little bit into some pastels. Zoya describes Abby as a light lavender cream.  Abby has a very smooth application and does not have a chalky feel to it. A good pastel is always hard to do as far as formula goes. Sometimes they end up being too thick because of the pigment in the formula. Abby is perfect! I have two coats on and I achieved full coverage. AVRIL Avril is a soft pink that leans with brown undertones. Zoya says this combination of colors is the most flattering for a true "nude". The pink and brown really leans towards just about every skin tone making for a great match.    I have worn

Sally Hansen Big Polish Guards for All Your Cutie Love

**Press Samples**  Ummm... hello!! I am so excited that there is finally a mainstream brand that is hopping on the nail art train! I have been blogging with nail art for over 7 years and just recently indie brands started helping us with cuticle clean up. This year, Sally Hansen , brought a whole new game to my party.   Big Polish Guards are a fabric (think fabric bandaids) cuticle protector. This package contains 24 strips. What I love about these? They are flexible and not messy. You can shape them around your finger so it fits you no matter what size your cuticle is. When you go to remove the cuticle protectors, it makes for an even easier clean up. There is no wait time for the protector to wait, like a traditional latex cover. The best thing about Big Polish Guards is that you can pick them up for about $6.   Of course, you know I had to test these out. I used my usual go-to cuticle protector which is a liquid latex from ellagee. I have had this same bottle for a v

Bridal Bliss Part 1 from Zoya

**Press Samples**  I am so excited to bring this collection to you! I am such a huge fan of of all neutrals all times of the year, so this entire collection is my favorite! There is such a nice collection of cremes, shimmers, glitters and translucent colors. I love all the different finishes!  Below, I am going to show you half of this collection so that you get to love each and everyone of them like I did. The first couple of colors in this collection are literally all of those neutral, earthy, nude tones. There is a few shimmers, a glitter, some cremes and a jelly. You can grab each of these up at Zoyas website for only $10 each.    Leia This is one of my favorite toppers. I love it even more topped over a nude! I have traditionally topped this over a darker color to really bring that irridecent pop out, but I love this subtle shift that this combination yields.    Brighton I am in looove with this glitter! Brighton is a soft gold that is full coverage aft

New Year Sephora Play! Box

**Bought It** The first Play! Box of the new year from Sephora! I was so excited to see what products I could be buying with all of my Christmas Sephora gift cards. For me, this box was just average. I was not super excited about any of these products and I did not get a fragrance which is ok, and this sounds strange, but I look forward to my little fragrance sample each month. It gives me a peek into the news smells and I actually do buy full size from a lot of the bags I get. So bummer for that! LANCOME CILS BOOSTER XL Super Enhancing Mascara Base I actually have this product already and use it when I am going to for an all night look. I have used other mascara primers and this one is on par. My lashes are long to begin with so I usually don't need to pry them out to begin with. Using this product allows me to use less mascara to plump and add that extra length. I usually just add one or two coats of regular mascara mostly for color since the base already did the l

HIGHTLIGHT COSMETICS Shows Off Liquid Lipstick!

**Press Samples** Have you ever heard of HIGHLIGHT COSMETICS ? It is a new to me company based in Los Angeles that is comprised of high-end luxurious matte liquid lipsticks. Each product is made with natural ingredients. They have 10 different shades with 5 metallics. BONUS!! They are all currently on sale for $14.99 on their website!! The color that I got to try out was DESERT MIRAGE. Like a lot of beauty products coming out today, there is the benefit of dual purpose outcomes when using it. This means that not only does this product make you look great, but it also improve your skin. HIGHLIGHT COSMETICS includes ingredients such as: 💫 Turmeric Oi l- helps dry and chapped lips, antibacterial properties, produces a natural glow, promotes even skin tone 💫 Green Tea Extract - Antioxidants, reduces inflammation, improves moisture 💫 White Tea Extract - Diminish the look of dry skin, reduces inflammation, increases moisture 💫 Kelp Extract - reduces inflammati

CycleBar Pittsburgh- My First Try!

**Complimentary Session** A while back, I was jumped on an opportunity to try out a BRAND NEW CycleBar in Pittsburgh. They were giving away free rides for their first week they were open. Being the spin lover that I am, I was all over this. Armed with my spin best, my best friend Amy and I went on an adventure. It was so easy to sign up for a class. You just visit their website, pick a date, time, bike and pay. All you have to do is show up at the time and date picked. Once we arrived, we were greeted with very friendly staff. We were walked through the process to sign in and given our shoes. Our shoe cubby had the same number as our locker, so it made it super easy to navigate after class. Once I got all decked out, I was given a water bottle and a towel and lead to my bike.  They had friendly staff available to help navigate your bike if it was your first time. Just about every spin bike is different so it's always good to get a quick once over of what you are worki