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Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup

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GOT Polish Challenge Presents: Lilac

So, I am not sure what happened with my post yesterday, but here is the real one coming at you today!

This weeks challenge was to use your oldest lilac color. As you know, I am not a huge pastel fan, so my selection was pretty limited. I bought 1 pastel of each color last spring when pastel was THE thing to do. I did a couple springish designs and a couple pastel themed deigns and then back into storage they went.I just don't like how pastel looks. Maybe it's because I have never seen a holo pastel or a jelly pastel or anything fun. It's just straight chalky color. I do not like!!

Anyway, for this weeks challenge, I chose to use an oldie but goodie!! Haha get it! Anyway, I am using Candy Coated by Sinful Colors. I know, I know it's not that old. It is however at least a year old. It is from the Sugar Rush Collection from Spring 2013. I made it, just within a year.

Candy Coated is used with 2 coats in these pictures. You know my deal with 2 coats. In case you don't…

Giveaways from Around the Polish World

I try to update these daily to add more and take away the old ones. I have been slacking lately, but I promise I am going to get my stuff together and update this list more and more like I used to.

The list is set up the following way: The giveaways that end the soonest are at the top and later at the bottom. Please be sure to read through each giveaways rules as they are all different. I usually post International and US only giveaways. Sometimes I do post International ONLY giveaways, but they will be posted and marked as such.

The types of giveaways that are in this list are not only nail polish related, but anything that helps to "Make Me Pretty". This includes makeup, skin care, hair care, fitness, clothing and anything that helps our bodies be what we want them to be.

 If you would like to add your giveaway to this list, please email me at I will only post beauty related giveaways. 

Click the jump to get to THE list of goodies!!

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Skittles

I made it!!! ALL 4 for this month!! Katee would be so proud of me! I am super excited to start next month's challenge of BLACK AND WHITE. I may even include a skittle or skittlette design using only black and white. I am thinking of a stamping design that I have been wanting to do in this color scheme, as well. I have about a week to plan out my design for June.

For this final design, I only used 3 colors. Along with the turquoise and black combo, I love the hot pink and black combo, as well. I have really been loving this color combination for a lot of things lately. 
There is a girl in one of my nail groups (Spicy'z Nailz) who always does the best skittles. I love that she often includes one nail that has straight glitter on it. She was my inspiration for this design. I think the glitter nail just ties the rest all together. 

For my pointer finger, I did 2 rows of hot pink dots over black. I was trying to do a half moon of tiny dots, but even the tiny dots look huge on my li…

Nail Art for Nubs presents Memorial Day Nails

Happy Memorial Day!! This is a special day for me! One of my brothers is active military and fights for us every day! I am so proud of him and all that he does for himself and this great country. He is currently stationed in Florida- which is far, far away from us. While he is out protecting our country, he is missing all of the fun things we do as a family. He misses Christmas, Easter, family camping trips, trips to the beach, birthdays and more. These are just a short list of all of the sacrifices he makes to take care of us. 

So, if you know someone that is active military you should thank them and think of them often. They miss their families and their families miss them. They put themselves in harms way every second of the day and ask for very little to nothing in return. There is no price tag on putting your life on the line for others. 

For this design, I just did a skittlette. A simple, plain skittlette. Yes, I did say "skittlette". This is different from a skittle …

Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup

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Beautisol Self-Tanning Mousse 8oz

**Brought to you by iFabbo**

So, if you are thinking that you saw this before on my blog, you are right! I reviewed this product a couple months ago and I am super excited to do it again!! I have been able to use this product a couple times in between now and then and I have some super pro tips for you!! I am also showing you their NEW 8oz bottle which is such a great value. At only $39 this is a total steal. I also have an AWESOME 15% code. Use BBLOGGER at the checkout. When you are ready to buy, just click here.

I love the Beautisol product. I think they have a fantastic line and fantastic behind the scenes team.

Tip #1- Do NOT use the body mousse on your regular, clean face. Spend the little extra and buy the face product. I have sensitive skin on my face that does not love the regular body product. With that being said, you can use this on your face IF and only IF you exfoliate. YOU MUST exfoliate before you put this on your face or it will not work out! Great thing is, they have…

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Skittles

Hey guys... I made it!! This is three out of four of of the monthly challenge! How about that?? I really really really like skittles. 

For this design, I wanted to do something a little bit more classic. The original colors were Peony by ellagee, I'd Rather Be With Blue by KBShimmer and HD by Milani. I loved the calm combination of the Peony and the IRBWB mixed with the glitz of HD. It was really a great combo.

I went on to add the delicate stripes on my index and ring to add a little bit more glitz. If that wasn't enough, I added the iridescent stars on my pinky. 

What do you think of this color combination?? Do you think the star glitter is going overboard??
I am also super excited to let you know that next month's theme has been picked and it's BLACK AND WHITE. I am pretty excited to see what the creative mind of ColorMeSoCrazy can come up with only using the most primary colors ever!!

GOT Polish Presents with Bling

Yes!! Bling it out baby!! I am super excited about this weeks mani... I am a jersey girl at heart and anytime I get a chance to bling out my nails, I hop right on it.
I am using a KBShimmer polish and 2 Cirque polishes. These are always the ones I go to when I need some bling. I did get 2 polishes from Victoria's Secret that are straight bling, but I wanted to go all indie for this one.

I started out with a gradient using both the Cirque polishes on all of the fingers except the ring finger. That one just got a coat a Maybelline's Bold Gold.  You can tell the gradient a little bit in the bigger pictures, but once I topped it with the KB it kind of disappeared.
Once I did all of the gradients, I topped it with KBShimmers Toast-ess with the Mostest. It is a glitter topper with cirlces and hexes in gold, pink and silver. I loooooooove this glitter topper. It is so pretty and the combo of colors just makes it awesome. 
I am glad that I used the Bold Gold as the undies because …

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Skittles

Yes!! This is such a great theme, because I love skittles. For this design, I wanted to throw in some decor on my nails that I have been dying to use

I really liked the spring feel of these colors together. The purple selection that I choose really was awesome. Purple is my favorite color, as you all know so I am loving this hard!
For the design, I used some round dots from KKCenterHk. You can see my review here. Next, I did the checkerboard pattern on my middle nail. For my ring finger, I just used the BEGL solo- beautiful on it's own! Finally, on my pinky, I used the Lacquer by Lissa over the SC.

I have almost completed this entire months' challenge and I am really proud of  myself. These last couple months have been really tough and it has been a struggle to swatch a polish let alone do nail art. I kind of forced myself to get back into it because it was so therapeutic for me and I love it! I am glad I did because it really mellows me out at then end of the night and get…

GOT Polish- Texture. A Little Late

Colors Used: OPI- Jinx OPI- Solitaire
So, here is my THURSDAY post! A little late, I KNOW! My life is slowly going back to the crazy side and I need to gain control. While I finally hired an employee, I am still in training mode- which is difficult as well.

Anyway, on to these nails.... This weeks challenge was texture. I decided to use my OPI Bond Girls Collection because they are my favorite textures. I really got into the texture thing when it started and I still love it. They are like thermals, I will never get enough. 

After I did these, I realized that they look a lot like Target inspired nails. Although I do LOOOOVE Target, that was not my intention. I was going for the modern, dotted look.

What do you think of this style? How do you feel about doing art with textured polishes? Sometimes, I find myself very limited when doing art with textured polishes. What is your favorite technique?
Don't forget to join us next week- or this Thursday for the next challenge which is …

I Love Nail Polish Summer Collection

Ready for a look at the Summer Collection?
Hey everyone! I'm so excited to give you a first look at the new ILNP Summer Collection! This is a photo heavy email with some great swatches and a handful of amazing macro shots. I hope you like what you see!

This collection is made up of 11 polishes. There are 5 new holos, 3 brand new Ultra Chromes, and 3 new holographic Ultra Chromes!

The ILNP Summer Collection will be available for pre-orders this Friday, May 16th at 12PM PST pre-orders will ship on or before 5/28.
Don't forget, each new Summer Collection polish is $1.00 off during pre-orders! Be sure to save yourself a few bucks by ordering early!

Enough of that... it's time for swatches & macros!!Bikini Bottoms
Bikini Bottoms is a wonderfully vivid magenta pink holographic polish with a delicious blue hue that is sure to please! It took quite a while to get this polish just right, but I absolutely love it to pieces!

Bikini Bottoms is definitely in-your…