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UPDATED Giveaways from Around the Polish World

I try to update these daily to add more and take away the old ones. The ones that end the soonest are at the top and later at the bottom. Please be sure to read through each giveaways rules as they are all different. If you would like to add your giveaway to this list, please email me at I will only post beauty related giveaways. 
I Got Your Sexy Barielle Giveaway
Ends: 12/1

Holiday Giveaway from the Beauty Blogazons
Ends: 12/9

ColorSutraa 2000 Facebook Likes MultiBlogger/Maker Giveaway
Ends: 12/15

Super Mega Holiday Giveaway
Ends: 12/26

Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer Duo Review

*Product(s) in this post were provided by the company or Public Relations Representative of this product for an honest review. Please see disclosure statement page for further information. 
I have a super exciting announcement for all of you!! I was recently contacted by Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer to be asked to become one of her permanent bloggers. So, for you this means you get to see more great pictures and great products from Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer. Don't forget to check out all those wonderful links here...

Shirley Ann Nails Etsy Page
Shirley Ann Nails Facebook Page

Today I am reviewing the duo that was made in remembrance of the mother of Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer. This November marks 10 years since her passing. I think this is sooo great and touching. Making a in memory polish after a loved one shows me that the polish maker is a real life person. Many times when buying a product, you often just think of the maker as a machine that just pushes out product. When one takes the t…

Turkey Lurkey with a Steelers TWIST!!

So, this is piggybacking directly off of my Turkey Tutorial posted earlier today. Here is my Roethlisturkey mani. The Steelers are playing the Ravens at 8:30pm in Baltimore. I have a lot of jokes about the Ravens because they are kind of the joke of the Super Bowl champs among us. I mean 5 and 6 for the season... Damn, you just won the Super Bowl at least have your wins out number your losses. That's ok, the Steelers will be giving them another loss. Just chalk it up. So, I want to do this post just like I did the last one with all the fun facts of the history of Steelers vs Ravens. My prediction is 20-17 STEELERS!!

**********Also, I wanted to let you know all this bantering is very friendly and I love you all no matter what team you root for. I am just having a little football fun. Please feel free to post your teams pics and jokes below! I love all the friendly team rivalry!

Sinful Colors- Snow Me White Maybelline- Fierce and Tangy Maybelline- Onyx Rush OMG! Nails- Indian Red Dandy N…

Thanksgiving Turkey Tutorial

Ok guys... This is a challenge for me! Last year I did my famous Turkey that is still being reposted like crazy on Pinterest. I decided to do a tutorial of that same mani and recreate it a whole YEAR later. Fun, right?? Well, now that I have been doing nail art for a full year some of the scrangie techniques I did last year don't work so well now. So, I did a little improvising. I have my little turkey lurkey tutorial. Since it is a Steelers Football day, the colors will be in accordance with my Pittsburgh team... just an FYI for those of you that are like, "turkeys are not black, yellow and white". I know!!!

The colors I used are:
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White
Dandy Nails- Colorblind
Maybelline- Onyx Rush
Maybelline- Fierce and Tangy
OMG! Nails- Indian Red

Tutorial for the Turkey face:

3. Use the dotting tool to make a little patch of hair at the tip of the nail and then the triangle for a nose in between the ovals.

Tutorial for the Turkey feathers:

Chaptstick Hydration Lock Review

* This product was provided to me by the maker or public relations representative for the brand featured. I have not received further compensation and the review is the opinion of my own. 

This is my first time actually reviewing ChapStick brand and I am super excited because I own about 75 tubes of ChapStick. I have one in each of my jacket pockets, 3 in each car, 2 in my purse, 3 in my office, 2 in my bedroom and then varying places all over my house. I cannot survive the summer or winter without ChapStick. I also happen to have a child that is a lip licker. I will touch on the miracles of the Hydration Lock and that child later, but he adds to that collection as well. I have tried many brands of lip balm and have not found one that comes close to the quality of ChapStick. Which is why I stick with the brand and I am always excited when they come out with a new product.

I have been using this product now for several weeks. I am super excited to share my experience with this, because…

Nail Challenge Collaborative Favorite Color

Yes, so here is my third interpretation of "favorite color". Gold and teal and my two favorite colors together. I love the way they look and I always enjoy trying different polishes with these two out. Sation Oh My Oceania is one of my all time favorite polishes. Also, since everyone is on this "Gap My Bright Pool" kick right now this Sation is a pretty dark dupe. Just a little tip from me to you- muah!! Anyway, Oh My Oceania is teal with a pink, green, blue, turquoise.  ANOTHER DUPE ALERT- RBL Aqua Lily...ok, continue.

For this design I put my base of the Sation on and waited to dry- completely!! Next I taped my two accent fingers just at random angles. I then did a coat of a no-name jelly white decant. I then added the Hit Polish Tinsel on top. Finally, I pulled the tape off and drooled!! Haha. I really like this design and the colors are awesome!

Hit Polish- Tinsel Sation- Oh My Oceania