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52 Week Challenge- French Manicure

I love traditional French manicures; with the pink and white. I wanted to do something different and non-traditional. I picked a orangish brown (Zoe) and the copper glitter I just got from Ulta. I really like My Two Cents and I think the hue can definitely change with different unders. So anyway, I did this combo French because I think the traditional should be saved for the summer months. Enjoy!!

Oh, I forgot to add this before, but do you see my wonderful cuticle on the side of my ring finger?? Yeah, I don't know what happened, but I am in the process so super healing that baby back. It really hurts, too!!

Also, how do you guys like my new lighting?!? I'm pretty excited about it!

Julep- Zoe Ulta- My Two Cents

52 Week Challenge- Pink

I love the color pink and I have been wanting to use this polish since I won it. I love Sation polishes and this color is so pretty!! It is more of a salmon color, but I still like it for the pink theme! This color has multi color glitters and is so cute. I loved wearing this color and the only down turn is getting it off!! I had to let a cotton ball soak for a loooooong time on my nail before I could wipe it. Next time I wear this, I will be putting some undies on.

 Sation- For Better or Never

Let it Snow! Challenge- Winter Ombré/ Gradient

I was wanting to do a gradient with this challenge, but this week has been one of the worst weeks of my life. The bar I worked at and hung out at for 10 years closed!! I had so many friends, went to birthday parties, went to weddings, saw people come and go and to say goodbye to all of that was so sad. These people were my family. I could count on them to talk to everyday and count on them for a laugh when I was sad. We talked on the phone, we went to dinner, we laughed, we cried. We were truly a big family! I have been so sad and painting my nails are the last thing on my mind. So, in advance, I am sorry for my lack of excitement in my challenges! I hope you enjoy my Winter Ombré/ Gradient!

Sally Hansen- Garter Toss Zoya- Kristen Essie- Smooth Sailing L'Oreal- Jet Set to Paris Zoya- Natty

I Was in Love, Then I Wasn't!!

I heard Target was having their winter clearance on OPIs and of course, I had to hop on that train!! I picked up a NOPI and OPI- Austin-Tatious Turquoise. I loved Austin-Tatious Turquoise when I saw it!! Beautiful green hues! I don't so green often, but it was so pretty! I finally got it on my nails last night and (this is the part where the love started to unravel) it was soooo sheer I had to put 3 coats on. This was the end result.

Not what I wanted or expected. I decided to holo stamp over it and that looked horrendous!! So I just reverted to my go to-- dotting tool. I pulled my favorite color (purple) and HD Holo and dotted away. I transformed this blah to something I could rock on my nails!! Enjoy it Lovlies!!

I love doing skittles on my nails. Dotting skittles are one of my favorites, especially with my new dotting tool.... I tried to be all "lets use what's around my house" and used toothpicks, pencils with pushpins in the earser, etc. I broke down and b…

Part 1 of my Winnings- Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer

Ok so it seems that I give giveaways in bunches of every couple months. Sweet, I say! So I won 2 and I really want to show case these babies because I got some really good polishes! First, my minis from Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer! I love the pastels that are hawt for this spring and apparently so does Blue Eyed Girl! In these pictures, I have Rescue Me and Easy to Love. I am in loooove with Easy to Love because it is in my purple realm and its a shiny shiny holo! Super cute for spring, but of course I couldn't wait until then!! So here's part 1 of, I don't know, maybe 4 of my winnings gallery! Enjoy

Rescue Me- Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Easy to Love- Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer

Let It Snow! Challenge- Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderland scene!! Screech!!! Simple, yet classic. I wish that I had gotten my new dotting tool before I did this, but meh. My dog has been eating my tools! I mentioned last post that my pup ate my stamper, too. Poop! Anyway here is my winter wonderland- snowy hills with some trees. When I think of snowy scenes, this is what pops up in my head.

Sinful Colors- Cinderella Sinful Colors- In the Mist Sinful Colors- San Francisco Nail Art- Cocoa Revlon- Heavenly Sally Hansen- Polar Bare

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day to all my Lovlies!! I hope you all get hugs, kisses or at least something sweet! I really wanted to stamp, but my stamper is missing and I'm blaming the dog! So, now I'm on the hunt for a new stamper. My next best option was loose glitter!! So I hope you enjoy my lovey skittles!!

OPI- You Callin Me a Lyre? Pink Reflections Red Loose Glitter Pink Loose Glitter

Let it Snow! Challenge- Valentine's Day

This is one of my favorite holidays! Yes because of the gifts I get showered with from my husband and yes because of the candy and yes because of the food, but also I looooove the color combos! I decided to do a little skittle display for a taster of love! This is the first of several lovey dovey manis for such a great holiday!! Enjoy!

China Glaze- With Love Sinful Colors- Snow Me White Revlon- Oh My Magenta

Indie Week- pic heavy!!

I totally slacked because this was another well from hell, but here's what I got! I really like my indie collection, but I just didn't have the time to showcase it. I am a total glitter girl and the more and more I wear jelly sandies, the more and more I fall in love with them! Vday is coming up so I had to work on my lovey dovey nails instead of playing with my indies :( Well without further ado:

WetnWild- Saved by the Blue Hit Polish- Vivid

Jindie Nails- Happy Dance

Zoya- Paris Hit Polish- Puttin' on the Ritz