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Bronzing Without the Rays - Expert Makeup Tips and Review

**Press Sample**
I was given a great opportunity it review a couple products from Mary Kay to keep up with my summer time makeup looks. Before the review, I was given a list of tips on how to make my summer look work from Makeup Artist Virginia Linzee. There are a lot of great tips here for your to use in your own Mary Kay application.

o   Start with Mary Kay® CC Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 in a tone one shade darker than your own. Don’t be afraid! This product is sheer, which means it’s easy to blend. Blend the CC Cream all the way down to the chest and shoulders, if they are showing. o   The next step is to contour using a bronzer like Mary Kay® Bronzing Powder. Pick a color that is one to three shades darker than your own. Using a cheek brush, apply exactly where the sun hits the face naturally, especially the hairline, temples, tip of the nose, cheeks and chin. For an all-over glow, hit the shoulders and the top of the collar bone, too. o   When applying bronzer, using the r…

My Daughters First Ballet Recital

Today is my baby girls first dance recital. I am so proud of her and how much she has learned and grown as a young dancer. I was a ballerina for such a long time so of course as soon as I could, my daughter was signed up for dance. She has done so well. She learned so much and has really turned into a little dancer. 

This week has been super crazy with rehearsals, family in town and just all over excitement for her big day. I have been so busy that I almost forgot to get some nails going for her. 

To help celebrate my kids in any of their important milestones, I like to do matching nails. Same goes for this!

For this design, I did a simple double coat of Barre my Soul from the OPI NYC Ballet Collection. I had almost the whole collection, but I sold most of them so I am in the market to buy them back and even finish my collection. Anyone?? hehe

Anyway, I added a little ruffle art to represent a tutu and bow that I got from Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer as part of the Valentine's Day Duo (se…

Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup

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4th of July Nails KKCenterHk American Nails Decal Review

**Press Samples**

We are getting very close to that time and I wanted to share with you these great water decals I was given to review from KKCenterHk. You can find them here and with the product code ofN.NAIL LOVE Apple Flag USA United States Water Decals-WDDK166
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I have really been loving the water decals lately. They are like a less permanent stamp!! When you put them on, you can still adjust them. Unlike when you are stamping, you are kind of stuck it is crooked. You can't slide it around to adjust it. With the water decals, you are able to line them up so they look just right. 

I picked these just for you patriotic ladies out there. I am going to wear them again for 4th of July, but I just wanted to to get them out early so you can see how cool they are and give you time to order them or maybe something else. If you do decide to order, I am able to offer you a 10% discount code. All you have to do is enter CO…

GOT Polish Challenge presents Gradient

I made it!! Again, through another challenge. The good news for this is that we have yet another round. We are scheduled up until September. As you can see, this week is gradient. Sometimes it's pretty difficult to find one really old polish to use, now to dig out 3 old polishes that matched to a gradient was a little tricky.

I wanted to go really old school for this, so I dug out some really old school polishes. The NYC and Black Radiance are super old. I think I found the Black Radiance in my moms room when I was younger and the NYC was like my first glitter.  

I did a glitter gradient which is a little easier for me because you can use the glitter to kind of blend the two colors. The Golden Rose did not like to play with the others because it is super iridescent. I thought this would make it easier to blend in the gradient, but nope.

Next week will be the start of a new set of challenges. Turquoise will be the first one. I have the perrrfect polish and it is even has a matte-i…

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Black and White

Last one!! I again have made it through the whole month and as promised from last week, I have animal print. I was going to do a couple of zoo animals, but I am going to stick with Zebra since they are black and white already. 

For this design I used a no-name- literally no name stamping plate that has several full nail stamps. I think that I actually bought it from the famous "Nail Lady" that vends at my work. It works, I love it! I am kind of missing her this summer and I was just thinking that I cannot wait for her to get back on campus because I need more Nailtiques. 

The Orly polish is one of my favorite neons. It dries kind of matte. You know my love for matte, so the first time I used it I squealed a little. I was originally going to leave the base color matte and then leave the shiny finish of the stamping polish, but I couldn't stay away from the matte. I matted them all!

I also alternated the way the zebra stripe went. I still can't decide which way I like…

Red Coat Tuesday

This week for PLL I have soooo many questions!! "Surfing the Aftershocks" is the title and boy, it's going to be just that. With the continuation of Alis lies, Mrs D being found and more it's going to be a wild ride for quite a while.

First, let's start with the makeup I did this week for the linkup. I decided to do a n ombre with a layered, very dark dotticure.
Colors Used:
Zoya- Quinn
Zoya- Carmen
Maybelline- Dressed to Kill

NOW... WTF?!?! I really did not expect Mrs D to be dead. I am in total shock that they found her. with that being said, what is Jason doing?? He is still being shady as all hell and now finding Mrs D is not an excuse. Speaking of shady, where did that dog come from? Mrs D could not have ordered it because she was already dead? Is it A?

Why did Ali lie about being kidnapped? The first thing I thought was, they are going to try to find the person that took her. How stupid is she? I watch enough 48 Hours Mystery to know that these things never…

Beauty Blog Coalition Roundup

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The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Black and White

For my third installment of the Nail Challenge Collaborative Challenge, I stamped!! Again.... This time, I added some 3D decoration in that I got from KKCenterHk to review last year. 

I always admire the bloggers that I see with all of this awesome 3D art. The problem with me is that it's just not practical. I am a mom, I worked full time and I am ALWAYS using my hands. Sometimes it's cute to wear something little like this, but the supppper cute ones always have tons of bling and I just can't do that. 

I have tried before and you know what happens?? One of my bling falls into the salad or the mashed potatoes or ends up in my garden or in my hair. It's just how it is. I did these knowing that and making them nice and simple will make them last longer. 

As you can see I stamped a design with black over white polish and then added the 3D art. I recently got new stamping polishes and to give them a whirl. Oh wee... I am so happy I bought them. Anyone that stamps knows th…

Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup

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Manglaze meets Lumina Lacquer

**Prize** **Purchased by Me**

I am soooo excited to share this mani with you. This is just a simple NOTD post as I need a palette cleanser. I went for bright and bold. As you know, I recently killed it in the Manglaze restock and bought a whole ton of polishes. 

I have been wanting Lesbihonest for a really long time because I have seen swatches of it and fell in love. It is a fuchsia matte polish that is bright as hell. 

Left is regular lighting on the right is with a flash. I wanted to show all of the bits and shapes of glitter in this bottle. 

I topped it with Dreamcatcher by Lumina Lacquer. This is my first Lumina and I must say thanks to a fellow group member for gifting it me. We did a huuuuuge round of giveaways and I finally won at the end. I won a whole ton of polishes and I cannot wait to show them all to you. 

If you love this combo, it can be yours... Well at least it should be yours!! The combo pairing was awesome. I didn't topcoat the Manglaze, just a coat of thick t…