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Halloween Polish Extravaganza!!!

I have put together swatches of ALL (minus the ones I have already posted about) of the Halloween polishes I own for a special Halloween Extravaganza!! Enjoy and have a VERRRRRYYY spectacular Trick or Treat!!

LynBDesigns- Nightmare Revisited

 This is a linear holo jelly that is a raspberry color. I have this for about a year now and it still applies beautifully.

The Nail Junkie- Pot O' Gold

I know, I know. This is from a St. Patricks Day collection, but this also reminds me of the witches cauldron, so I put it in this round-up. So, you will see it now and again in a couple months. This is a black jelly with gold circle glitters.

Philly Love's Lacquer- The Spectrum

I did two coats of this polish on top of Sally Hansen. This is an orange jelly with orange and black micro hexes, bars, stars, dots, fine micro glitters, and holo hexes.

LynBDesigns- This is Halloween

 This polish is an eggplant sort of deep purple with lots of purple and orange small micro glitters. I used about 3 co…

Sally Hansen Costume Glitters AND What I Am Wearing for Halloween 2014

**Press Sample**
Since I decided not to dress up for Halloween this year- mostly because I ran out of time- I decided to do it big on the nails and makeup. This year I blinged it out with GLITTER and MATTE. Two of my favorite polishes in the world. Everybody feels better with a little glitter on their fingers and I feel a little better with my nails matted out.
 First, the polish is a glitter topper in a clear base. It has silver holographic squares, hexes and micro glitters throughout. It applied really well and was not clumpy. I had two coats on each finger and let the first coat dry a little before applying the second so it wouldn't drag the undies with it.   Now, the design!! I did a little skittle for some pizzaz. I used the matte polish to add some vampy french tips and stripes to kick it up a notch. Overall, I think this was a great addition to my Halloween 2014 holiday. What did you wear on your nails? Colors Used: Sally Hansen- Scaredy Matte Sally Hansen- Costume Glitters

NYC New York Color Midnight Beauty 2014 Collection

**Press Sample**
Today, I have some pieces from the NYC New York Color 2014 Limited Edition Midnight Beauty Collection. I have make up, I have lipstick, AND I have nail polish.All of these are perfect Halloween colors if you need to add any more to your collection. and if you get a chance to pick any of these up, they are all reasonably priced. I have seen the eye shadow, the lipstick and the nail polishes in previous collections, so if you missed them this time they may come back around again. 
Animal Instinct
I love most of my NYC New York Color polishes that I own, but this one I must say I am slightly disappointed in. I had to apply 3 coats just to get over the streaky-ness of it. I looooove the color so much and I wanted it to work so bad, but it was just really difficult to work with. I am hoping that they can reformulate this polish and make it work, because the orange shimmer is just awesome and I am totally not an orange person.

I'm Not AffRED
This is a sexy vampy deep red …

Sally Hansen Halloween 2014 Fuzzy Coats

**Press Sample**

Fur-ankenstein is a black and light green bar glitter in a clear base. Now, there are two parties in the  bar glitter camp. You either love it or hate it. I am a bar glitter lover, so I love all of the Fuzzy Coat polishes. These were applied by doing one coat of straight brush strokes and then filling in by dabbing.   I kind of wish that this was glow-in-the dark. That would have made this awesome!! I used Fur-ankenstein over OMGhost below and Night Fright above. 

Witch-ful Thinking

Witch-ful Thinking has black and orange bar glitter in a clear base. I applied this in coats the same way as above. 1 coat with a swipe and 1 coat with a dab.   I wish I would have left more time for nail art, because this would have been awesome with some little hair monsters. Same as above, I used Witch-ful Thinking on top of OMGhost and Night Fright.
If you love these, you can find them and the entire collection here
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Halloween Fun at ZOYA!!


Go Mad For Zoya & WIN*! Are you "MAD" for Zoya?! Now's your chance to bring the color of your dreams to life! Step inside our virtual color labooooooratory (muahahaha) to experiment with color and finishes to "mix" your very own shade. The Zoya color animator offers various pieces and parts (finishes, opacity and hues) to play with - feel free to use the description section to elaborate on your masterpiece. Give your creation a name, submit it, and there's a chance we will bring it to life! NOW - Thursday, October 31st (10:00am ET) Piece together your creation for a chance to have it custom created just for you! The highest voted shade will win, so don’t forget to share your creation with your friends and family after it's been submitted!
How It Works: Go CRAZY! (You know we are) Create a custom shade using the Zoya Polish Animator Name your creation and desc…

Little Monsters Halloween Fun with Jindie Nails

More Halloween madness with some Jindie Nails love.  I got Screaming Halloween on clearance last year and had to wait this whole time to wear it. Now, is the time!! Wahoooo! I love this. It is such a cute Halloween color with super cute Halloween glitters. If you can snag or find it anywhere, I would totally grab it.  For my two middle fingers, I used some other Jindie Nails favorites and dotted little monster dots on them. They kind of remind me of inspired by Monster Inc. They are super cute and I love the endless Halloween combinations.  Colors Used: Jindie Nails- Olive You Jindie Nails- Sippin' on Jindie Juice Jindie Nails- Screaming Halloween

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Stripes

This is my third edition of The Nail Challenge Collaborative STRIPES challenge. I decided to do a grey skittle. I did a distressed sponge look with stripes on my pointer finger and a distressed sponge on my pinky finger without stripes. My middle finger was just a simple gradient over Shifter.  I also used my JustRica Shifter for this design which happens to be a thermal polish. You can see the color shift nicely here. It turns a nice light grey to almost nude color when it's warm and a black color when it's cold, similar to what is in the bottle below. My ring finger shows it the best.
Colors Used: Maybelline- Bare Essentials Maybelline- Onyx Rush JustRica- Shifter L'Oreal- Greycian Goddess

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