Squish This from Zoya!! Jelly Galore!!

**Press Samples**
Just in time for fall, all of these gorgeous colors are perfect transition shades to get you in the mood for that sweater wearing, pumpkin consuming, leaf raking weather!  ALIA Alia is plum jelly and the first for me to show off from this trio.  Along with the rest of these jellies, Alia is completely buildable. By buildable, you can layer as many layers as you want to obtain your desired opacity. 
Molly This beauty is pink-red jelly that looks like a beautiful ripe watermelon.  I like to keep my jellies squishy, so I don't layer them too much. You can also add a thin layer, stamp a darker color and then add another layer or two of the jelly for a super fun effect. 
PARIS Fuchsia is what Zoya says this shade is, but I think it leans more towards a pinky side.  For this swatch, I used three thin layers. As you can you see, it creates a super shiny, glossy look.  Overall, I am super happy with this collection. There are only 3 other jellies in the current Zoya collec…

Crayola is Not Just for Kids!! Sally Hansen Just Made Me Throwback!

**Press Samples**
Insta-Dry x Crayola has a fabulous pastel line up and it's bringing up all kinds of childhood memories! I got three colors to show off and I am super excited to show them to you just in time for back to school!  I got to try three shades: Melon, Wisteria and Canary. All three of these are beautiful pastels and so perfectly Crayola!  For the application, I had to apply two coats to get the perfect opacity. Pastels are always tricky to apply since they already have a white coat base which tends to make them streaky upon application. Thin, multiple coats that you let dry in between is key to the perfect pastel application.  You can find your own shades with the Insta-Dri Crayola collection at Ulta, Amazon, Walmart and other big box stores. I have yet to see any in my local stores. So, they must be super popular or super hard to find!

Overall, I loved the samples I got! Canary is my favorite color and I have rocked it several times and I am usually not a yellow fan.…

Be Perfectly Purified!!

**Press Samples**
 I'm back with another DERMA-E goodie just in time for the summer. For me, the summer is a time of cleansing and purity. I wear very minimal makeup, and I am always excited to try new face masks and whatever new goodies are out there.  DERMA-E Purifying Daily Detox Scrub is pretty great because it's a scrub that is actually gentle enough to use daily. Why I am loving it? I feel that since I am very minimal with my makeup during the summer, that I am more prone to all of that environmental gunk jamming up my pores. The Activated Charcoal is known for literally pulling out impurities, so being able to suck-the-gunk daily is a game changer! The most important step to this process is incorporating the . For under $16, this is totally worth it!! The Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask just keeps that Activated Charcoal pumping! This brings that suck-the-gunk to a different level; up to twice a week. Exfoliating, hydrating, and protecting, this formula makes for the per…

Summer Skin NEED: Neutrogena: EVERYDAY IS A SUNday

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Neutrogena has a fantastic line of NEW water gel lotion that we got to try! I am already a huge fan of all things Neutrogena, so I was so excited to try these on myself and my little mini!   I am obsessed with applying sunscreen each and every time I leave the house. I have ingrained this in my daughter. I actually think I have made her slightly obsessed, as well. I found her refusing to leave the house for my son's baseball game without applying sunscreen! Hey, at least we will have nice skin, right?!? With 80 minutes of water resistance, an infusion of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E and addition of glycerin makes for a pretty great product. The  Hydro Boost applies super smooth and doesn't feel sticky or greasy. We got to try the SPF 50 and SPF 30. I prefer the 30 and I try to get as high of an SPF as possible on Marlee, so she got to try out the 50.  We both loved our experience with the NEW Neutrogena Hydro Boost! With the easy application, long l…

ME TIME: With Some Help from Yardley

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What does ME TIME mean to me? Well being a working mother of two busy kids, it literally means time to myself. Whether that be in my car with my music blasting, windows down OR hidden in my bathroom with a bath drawn for an hour, it's MY TIME! It' so important for the balance of my sanity to include time for myself. Yardley has been helping me do quick escapes during my shower time. Yes, QUICK ESCAPES! These are the 10 minutes that I have to myself in the shower. Yardley offered three scents in their bar soaps to help bring me to three different levels of relaxation. Oatmeal & Almond offers a soothing retreat. As a side cheat, because I am a mom and I truly don't have a minute without thinking of my kids, I handed this off to my sensitive skin kid. She loves it! It's perfect for her reactionary skin and it's easy for her to use!  Creamy Coconut offers a scent that reminds me of the beach. It's perfect for a morning pick me up and it …

#Chic VoxBox from Influenster

**Gifted from Influenster**
I haven't heard from Influenster in quite some time, so imagine my surprise when this box showed up! Chic VoxBox is packed full of goodies! Take a trip through my box with me... eos: SENSITIVE SHAVING CREAM This giant bottle of shaving cream retails for just under $4 is is formulated just for your sensitive skin to soothe and moisturize skin. It truly feels luxurious.  NYX: WORTH THE HYPE VOLUMIZING & LENGTHENING MASCARA NYX is offering up to 8 times the volume with a fuller set of lashes. Worth the Hype retails for $8 is completely buildable and has a ready great brush.  HAIR FOOD MOISTURE SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER INFUSED WITH HONEY APRICOT FRAGRANCE I have tried several different scents from HAIR FOOD and they are all pretty awesome in the scent department! Paraben free, Mineral oil free, and naturally curated ingredients makes thee pretty awesome!!  KORRES
I love anything KORRES so I am super pumped to t…

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