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Nail Mail from Hit Polish

Here's my nail mail!!! I am in loooooove with Hit Polish!!!

Sinful + Hit Polish= <3

So this is a quick pretty post... Mesmerize by Sinful Colors and accent is Party Shardy by Hit Polish... Loooove both the colors!! Easy pick to cover before my Football Nails are due!!

PS- I put some baby toes in there for a good chuckle!!

Football Nails: Fall into Autumn Challenge

Goooooo Steelers! Oh wait... there's a bye week the same week football mani is due?!?! Crap!! I did Steelers nails that also doubled as Pirates nails!!
Double duty!! are my football nails...

Courtesy of: Steelers by Hit Polish and Snow Me White,Black on Black, Lets Meet all by Sinful Colors.

Nail Night with Some Gals

So last night I had a little gathering with some ladies and we did some nails!! I had a massive migraine, so my creativity was level 0!!! Here is my creation and check out @oblassa on Instagram and A little polish on Facebook for some other creations from last night!!

I am wearing:
Sinful Colors- In the Mist
L.A. Colors- Art Deco Blue
L.A. Colors- Color Craze Force

Sinful at Walgreens!!

Sinful Colors haul from Walgreens!! $1.99 each... Sorry about the not-so-good picture, I'm sitting in a Starbucks and just made the haul. Left to right. Mesmerize, Cross My Heart, Snow White, In the Mist, Black on Black, Lets Meet

Steelers Game Day!!!

So here is my Steelers mani!!! GO STEELERS!!! Brought to you by Hit Polish- Steelers and Sally Hansen- SunnySide. The third picture down is a finger with no base coat... just the glitz!! Also, Hit Polish has been great for me to take off. Most times it just peels right off. I'm not sure if its because of the nail grow I use underneath or if it's the polish itself. If it's the latter half, Go Hit Polish!!! For  next week, I will NOT be using Sunny Side because it stains my nails very bad and when I remove my polish, it stains the rest of my finger and cuticles as well. So without further ado.... Go Steelers

Sinful Colors Magnetic

So I wanted to try Sinful Colors Magnetic polish because it was reasonably priced at Target and I really liked the color. I ended up purchasing "Polar Opposites". The directions say put one coat on, let dry, add another coat and then use the magnet ring provided for 15-20 seconds to get starlike effect. Well a couple tips I learned during this experience. I had to do several coats because you have to use the magnet pretty much immediately after you put on the polish. Now, I have used magnetic polish before with my good friend Stephanie (over at and I don't remember having that panicked feeling to hurry and get the magnet over my finger. In this case, I did!!! Ahhhh the anxiety.. Haha! Anyway, the second realization is that there are apparently different magnetic patterns available. This polish has a starlike effect. The one I used with Stephanie was a wavelike effect. So when I purchase my next magnetic, I will be sure to pay attention to this…

Fall into Autumn Challenge- Cloudy Days!!

L'Oreal- Now You Sea Me Funky Fingers- Queen Cupcake Sally Hansen- French White Tip

Hit Polish Review

So I bought, errr...ummm...5, polishes from Rachel Steele on her Etsy shop- D&R Apothecary Hit Polish. I was a little nervous at first because for a mini bottle it was between around $3 each!! I took the plunge because, quite frankly, I wanted a cute Steelers themed glitter. I ended up with 4 more.

So... Drumroll....
I love it!!! I used the "Steelers" polish on Saturday, but today I used "Treasured" (this is a discontinued polish) and "Pomegranate Ice". I absolutely looove the "treasured" more on the undie that I picked. I will be adding more pictures once I use all of them, but for now... This is what I have

"Pomegranate Ice" and "Treasured" are both on top of Purple Pizzazz Frost by NYC

School Spirit

Since my high school colors are the same as my favorite football team colors (go Steelers!!), I have decided to go with my college colors!! I went to Duquesne Univeristy in Pittsburgh and our colors and logo (to the best of my ability) have been represented.

Colors used are as follows NYC- Skin Tight Denim Creme Color Club- White Mark Wins- Redder NYC- Starry Silver Glitter TC is Fresh Paint

Nail mail!!

A couple from on Etsy... Check back later for some reviews and swatches!

Target pick ups

Some quick picks from Target. I'm going to try this quick dry and see how it works out. I need something good because I usually have just enough time to do my nails and never enough time to let them dry. Also, I will be reporting on the nail grow as well later!!

Steeler Time!!!!!

Here's my weekly homage to my Steeler team!! On the bottom alternating is Black Lace Creme by NYC and Sunny Side by Sally Hansen. Topped with my Steeler Pride franken polish and Pot O' Gold by Sally Hansen. I added the extra Sally Hansen only on the black for a little extra sparkle!! Let's go Steelers!!!!!

My first franken polish!! Ehh

So I ordered a franken polish set from Franken Polish Supply Shop at The set is great and is under $40!! It came with 10 suspension bases , 8 bags of glitter and 20 stainless steel mixing balls. I am about to do my Steelers mani and decided to make a Pittsburgh Pride Polish. I think it tuner out great! The only tweak I would make is to include a little mini funnel to make pouring the glitter easier. The homemade funnel did not work as well as I hoped. Overall... Awesome!!

French Aunt Dotty

So today I decided to go dotty with some neons for one last push for summer. I usually don't like working with Funky Fingers because it stains and is hard to do a nice clean up.... But they have nice neons and they are cheap!!

Brilliant Sur- Sally Hansen
Pop Artist- Funky Fingers
Top coat- Fresh Paint