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Valentia Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum

**Product Review**
Hello again my little Valentia friend! You know how much I love this companies products. All the natural ingredients mixed together to make such a unique product. I used this product for about 2 weeks. I actually stopped using it because I was going cold turkey with my face (going back to the basics of just mild soap, water and moisturizer). I would love to add this back into my routine.  All of Valentia products are always natural and made with organic ingredients. This one is made of such ingredients as Wakame Bioferment or Seaweed (to increase skin oxygen consumption), Gotu Kola (to lessen the appearance of scars and increase firmness), Lactic Acid (increases cell turnover for brighter looking skin), Licorice (helps correct skin discoloration), and Argan Oil (reduces water loss and helps with elasticity).  I obviously loved this because of the help with discoloration and scarring. This also helps with fine lines and pores but evening out texture and tone is the …

Pinrose Scents Coming to You!

**Product Review**
Today, I have something totally fun and different to Color Me So Crazy. Perfume!!! Pinrose sent me two different scents to try out and show off for you! Both of these are available at select Sephora stores and on The exciting news is starting April 15, Sephora will start carrying their Parfum-a-Go-Go kit. You will get a pouch similar to the one pictured below with two different fragrances in it for only $24.   Pinrose is a fairly new company being launched in 2013 in San Fransisco. This company gives customers the opportunity to take a quiz online to match them with their perfect Pinrose scent and then three complimentary scents. The really fun thing about this brand is that they tout their super low product costs because they don't have celebrity endorsements, huge marketing campaigns or fancy packaging. Just pure, great product.  Wild Child is up first! This scent reminds us of fearlessness, fun and beauty. There are notes of Gardenia, Jasmine and Pl…

StriVectin Hair Care Routine

**Press Sample**
Ok, so I have a pretty cool discovery in the beauty world! StriVectin just came out with a line of hair care and it's awesome! Do you remember all of those really great products with their NIA-114 "potion" in it? Well, this hairline has it in it, too. Do you know what that means? Anti-aging for your hair!!!! I mean, come on... how cool is that? I am trying the Ultimate Restore Collection that is for damaged or thinning hair. It is supposed to reduce breakage, while deeply nourishing your hair from root to tip while transforming the damaged strands. 
The shampoo and conditioner duo were actually really nice. I was kind of expecting a medicinal smell but they had a pleasant scent to them. I do wish the shampoo had more lather and bubbling action. I like all those suds. Both of these are designed to help improve strength, minimize breakage, give nourishment. The conditioner also targets the hair cuticle and helps prevent against future damage. I liked how…

Paula's Choice BHA 2% Skin Perfecting Liquid

**BzzAgent Sample**
My struggle is so real with my skin and I have heard so many people talk about Paula's Choice products. I was pretty excited when I got the opportunity to try this product out. I am like the perfect fit for all of the problem areas this product is supposed to fix. Large pores, uneven texture, and generally unhealthy looking skin. I am mid- medicine transition so I am hoping that combined with some good skin care, I will be able to battle this gak on my face! Paula's Choice says, "while there are many BHA (short for beta hydroxy acid) products available, formulating them at the pH level needed to effectively penetrate pores is extremely difficult. This leave-on exfoliant does exactly that with a unique, water-light texture ideal for any skin type, and the results are remarkable". So, this is their signature product. I started using it and then stopped to kind of re-start my face. I will be restarting it again so soon... See below for a little …

Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Round Up

Lola's Secret Beauty Blog: Concealers Worth Coveting, and some handy tricks you need to know about! Beauty by Miss L: Find out why Leelo loves Vestige Verdant Infinity Eye Serum & Rare Oil Blend. Color Me So Crazy : Fresh and Sassy Look from L'OrealNever Say Die Beauty: Allison from Never Say Die Beauty finally can do a neat mani now that she's using Liquid Palisade Liquid Nail Tape. Check out her results! Advice Sisters Beauty,Fashion,Lifestyle: Here's how to wear a sexy top hat and channel Stevie NicksBe Happy And Buy Polish: Do you love nail polish and Super Mario? Check out these exclusive polishes launching April 1! Makeup Obsessed Mom: What do you think of holistic skincare? See what Stacie's been using and what she thinks about it.Notes from My Dressing Table: Does the Urban Decay | Gwen Stefani Collection Eye Shadow Palette live up to the hype? Erika says, Yes! Collective Beauty : An amazing cushion foundation, from the drugstore!I Know all the Words: S…

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents PUNK ROCK Easter Edition

**May Contain Press Samples** So, I did it... yup a Punk Rock Easter look.... Wellllll... It's as Punk Rock as you're going to get with Easter! This is my second installment for The Nail Challenge Collaborative monthly nail theme challenge. We vote on a theme each month and then we do nail art based on those themes. This month's theme is Punk Rock. You all saw my St. Patty's Punk Rock nails last week.... This week, I wanted to go for something that was super fun but still punky at the same time. I stuck with the pastel-ish theme that is Easter, to me. I added some of the usual Easter suspects- Easter Eggs, Mr. Easter Bunny, glitter... lol. Well, the glitter and rhinestones were for the Punk Rock effect. Now, that I am over the holiday hump, I am going to come up with a hardcore design for my last design of this challenge. Colors Used: Ellagee- Calla Lilly Ellagee- Hydrangea Ellagee- Peony KB Shimmer- I'd Rather Be Blue with You KB Shimmer- Blush Money Barielle- Le…

Make Me Pretty Giveaways

*All photos are provided by giveaway owners. All credit is given to them. *
Today is make my Pretty Giveaways!! You get a comprehensive list of giveaways from around the Beauty Blog World!! I will gather a list of giveaways throughout the week and put them in a post. I will post the link on my sidebar so in case you miss it, you can quickly access it from there.

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Unicorn Giveaway from smackerlacquer
Naked Without Polish 4 Year Giveaway

Ends: 3/31

Barielle Welcome to Spring Giveaway

Ends: 3/31

Cosmetopia Digest March Makeup Madness Giveaway

Ends: 3/31

Inspirations and Celebrations Lucky Lady's Style and Beauty Giveaway

Ends: 3/31

Casual Contrast Tweexy Giveaway

Ends: 4/1

Meltology Skin Giveaway from The Beauty Info Zone


Fresh Spring Look from L'Oreal

**Press Samples**
So, I sent this out to my Snapchat crew and they got to pick which look they wanted to see. I decided to do a sassy, bold look instead of a light and airy spring look.   I added lots of highlights and contours to this to get ready for summer. I also added this hot pink lippy to give it a fresh look and get us out of that winter slump! The Infallible Matte Gloss is more of a lipstick than a gloss. Since it does dry matte, it is not sticky and is very easy to work with. It does leave a stain, which I really like because it is very long lasting.
 I am loving the way this pink and blue came together. The navy liner really pulled this entire look together, too.I will say that the Gel Cream formula from the Matte Navy Infallible Matte-Matic Mechanical eyeliner is so nice to work with. It stays in place all day. Funny story- I swatched it on my arm and it actually stayed for three days through soap and water washing. I actually had to use real makeup remover to take it of…

What's In My Gym Bag: Beauty Blogger Edition

**May Contain Press Samples**
So, I am a gym rat and a beauty rat and sometimes these two do not mix. I go to the gym in the middle of the day and I get super sweaty so I have to shower. I like to carry a little beauty box with me in my gym bag so I can bring myself back to my normal self as much as I can after I work it out! First up, I have my shower and after shower crew. My ECRU shampoo and conditioner set was original when I started out but, now they have morphed into refills. They are currently filled with Pacifica Shampoo and Conditioner. You can check out all the details in the link above. I also rotate out my body wash from the Soap Not Radio container. It is currently filled with Sauve bodywash. I am currently using Vasanti as my face wash, which I rotate with my CeraVe face wash (not pictured because I left it in my locker). For my leave- in- conditioner, I use the 12-in-One from IT Haircare. It takes care of everything I need and leaves my hair feeling awesome. **HINT HIN…

Zoya Petals Has Me Singing In the Notes of Spring

**Press Samples**

Today, I have the beautifully, delicate Petals 2016 collection from Zoya. This is inspired by the gardens of Spring. The vibrant collection invites you to revel in the beauty of the season. I do have a couple favorites in this collection and I love the varying finishes. Zoya did this collection really good!!!

Leia  This little lady is my favorite of the collection. I am not sure if it's because it's so versatile or if it's because it's a shifter. Either way, it's gorgeous!
 Zoya describes this as a "sheer opalescent white with flecks of fuchsia, green and gold". They do suggest that this can be layered over the other colors, which I did! If you check out SZIZZY12184 on snapchat, you can see all my pretty creations. 

Zahara This is a super pretty coral with a shimmering opalescent effect throughout the polish. Zahara reminds me of a hot simmering sun and this reflects this perfectly. 
 I haven't tried this one with the Leia topper, b…