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Pumpkin Killer

I wanted to hop on the Twilight Blood train- just to see if I could do it. I watched about 5 tutorials and read about the same amount in tips for this technique. This is the finished product! I wanted to do a Halloween theme since Wednesday I will be Lindsay Lohan. We all know she had that special mani when she was in court and I will be copying that! Enjoy!!

Sinful Colors- San Francisco
Wet n Wild- Sunny Side Up

Lets go Steelers!!

Here's my usual Black and Gold mani!! Lets go!! I did a pop-art with French tips mani. Got to switch it up and since they are playing home- I went for a Warholesqe theme! Enjoy! Here we go Steelers!!

Sinful Colors- Black on Black
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White
Sinful Colors- Lets Meet

Fall into Autumn- Halloween

These weeks got flip flopped for some of us, but for the most part, it makes sense. So I decided to go for the soft cartoony look, as I often do. I also incorporated the help of my son as what to design on each finger. The thumb to pinky is: bats, jack o lantern, spider and web, Frankenstein, and mummy. I think these are super cute!! I actually love this mani!! I would do these again for actual Halloween, but I am going to be Lindsay Lohan. We all know she had a different mani I will be sporting. Enjoy! Trick or Treat!!

Sinful Colors- Amethyst
Sinful Colors- Black on Black
WetnWild- Sunny Side Up
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White
Color Club- Black
Color Club- White
Sally Hansen- Brilliant Star

52 Week Challenge- Gradient or Ombre Nails

I just did a fall gradient/ombré for my other challenge, so I wanted to switch it up. Since I still feel slightly guilty about missing my boys dance, I am still going with the purple theme. Purple is one of the colors of Alpha Phi Delta. So proud of ALL my boys!!

Colors used::
Sinful Colors- Winterberry
Sinful Colors- Mesmerize
Sinful Colors- Amethyst
Funky Fingers- Cheshire
Funky Fingers- Sugar Plum Fairy

My .99¢ Walgreens Picks

Drumroll.... (left to right)
Mint Apple
San Francisco
Call You Later
Sally Hansen- Black Tie

Here We Go Steelers!!!!

Truly a black and GOLD day. It's been a long while since I have incorporated a true gold into my Steelers Day let alone a crackle. I feel like crackle came in strong and left the same way. I still enjoy a good crackle when needed. Lets hope the power of the gold helps us get a W tonight. Goooooo Steelers!!!! Sinful Colors- Black on Black Sally Hansen- Antique Gold Crackle Hit Polish- Steelers

Psi Guy!! My New Glitter Creation

This is my new creation for the fraternity that I advise. I have been their on-campus advisor for almost 6 years now. I have a very unique position because I am one of the very few females advising male fraternities. I absolutely love those guys and the group they are a part of. This group is a huge reason I continue doing the job that I do! This I for them!! Love you Alpha Phi Delta- Psi Chapter!

Fall into Autumn- Autumn Ombré

After some confusion and debating about possibly changing my mani, I am sticking with the ombré. I love the leaves in the fall and these colors represent those colors. I did an ombré with the ombré (going to opposite way) tips. Enjoy!!

Let's Meet-Sinful Colors
Cross My Heart-Sinful Colors
Sunny Side Up-Wet n Wild
Force- L.A. Colors

Baby Polish!!

Runts Polish Collection!! Early birthday present for my baby!!

Ohhhh Pretty

So I went to Walgreens while waiting for my son to finish ccd and I "just wanted to look" at polish. Oh course I ended up buying 7, but I found this beauty in the CLEARANCE section!!!! I loooooove it!! I really like metallics and I wanted to try a bronzish color. This is what I found, again, on clearance!! I decided to add a little Hit Polish to it because I love her polish and I haven't had indie glitter on for quite some time. Enjoy!!

Sinful Colors- Super Nova
Hit Polish- Treasured

The Scholarly Nail: The Scholarly Nail's Halloween Giveaway Spooktacul...

The Scholarly Nail: The Scholarly Nail's Halloween Giveaway Spooktacul...: Good morning my lovelies! I am so excited to bring you my very first giveaway today! I have recently reached several milestones on this blog...

If you have not seen this... Oh boy!! Prizes are awesome!!!!!

Cute mani!!

Just a regular daily mani... wanted to do something simple to keep on for a couple days. Well it's only been a day and they are chipped, so I'll need a redo tonight. The colors are:

Sinful Colors- Jungle Trail
Revlon- Oh My Magenta

Fall into Autumn Challenge- Pumpkin

I looooove all the pumpkin art I have seen and I have come to the conclusion that my fingers/nails are too small to do all these beautiful elaborate designs that I see. So, I only put 1 little jack-o-lantern on each nail. Enjoy!!

Sinful Colors- Black on Black
Funky Fingers- Electric Sunset
NYC- Highline Green
LA Colors- Force
Cosmo Girl- White and Black

Brit Invasion- L'Oreal

I got this shade for $1.50 at Ride-Aid and it was love at first sight!! I really like L'Oreal colors. My top 5 include 3 L'Oreal shades! So I had this on originally on Wednesday, but then I found out it was Pittsburgh's "Anti-Bullying Day" and I had to switch it all to orange to support the cause. So I finally got to try it today. I was going to stamp an accent nail, but its just tooooooo pretty to so that. So sparkly!! hopefully on my way to work I can catch a good shine picture. So without further ado...

Brit Invasion-L'Oreal
Fresh Paint as my top coat

Steeler Time!!

This week was inspired by my daughters bow she wears for Steelers games...
Colors are as follows:
Sinful Colors- Meet Me, Black on Black, Snow Me White