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Sephora August Play! Box...Elements of Beauty

**Bought It**
I seriously love my Sephora boxes. They are always filled with awesomeness. very rarely do I get it filled with products that I already own. Maybe 1 out of the 5, but rare! Also, I have gotten 1, YES ONE, eyeliner in the last year. That was something I was getting monthly with my other sub bag. Kat Von D also happened to be the winner this month and I looooove myself some Kat! KAT VON D Lock It Concealer Creme #1 I am a huge fan of the Lock It Foundation! It's a full coverage foundation that I use during the winter months when my skin freaks out. This concealer is just awesome! It holds all the gross at bay for 24 hours. It brightens, color corrects and smooths. I've been using this on my tired eyes and my wild breakouts. This week has been a wild one at world, so my face hates me... to say the least! 
Saint & Sinner
Ohhhh I got a two for deal with this one! I am loving these smells and I have never tried them. Funny thing is, I have bought almost all …

Julie G Bohemian Dreams Collection from Jesse's Girl

**Press Samples**
Bohemian Dreams Collection from Julie G is here with a special edition wooden handle and some oh so awesome shades! There are 6 creme colors that are natural shades. I am absolutely in love with every single color and I can't wait to start rocking these come September 1st. September 1st is my Fall go date and dusty shades is all I'm rocking! Henna This is a beautiful plum brown color that is very close to the red pull in real henna. This color is gorgeous. The dusty, oh so close to brown, is attractive without being too, well brown.  Karma This beautiful sky blue color, has just a tinge of dust to it. I was a little worried about having smurf cuticles after removing this color, but I was happy to find out it didn't stain.  Two coats of each of these provided a nice smooth, full coverage. I really am loving this color combination, too!
Faith This color is a creamy, dusty watermelon pink. It leans perfectly in the middle of that dark dusty rose and fun waterme…

More Gorgeous Goodness from Sally Hansen Color Therapy

**Press Samples**
I have 3 new-to-me colors from the Color Therapy line from Sally Hansen.  I have been loving this Argan Oil infused line since I started using it. It definitely has a learning curve. To use this, you need to use thin coats and then dry completely before applying a thin top coat. Now, on to the pretty colors! Haute Springs Ok, this is the brilliant, true red everyone needs in their stash! A sassy red is always needed for that power nail and just for that extra sass you need in your life sometimes.  I didn't use a top coat with this color just to show that it still as shine, but it's missing that gel plump. Adding that top coat, adds that gel plump that makes your nails look so much better.  
Reflection Pool This color is awesome! It is a blue, purple duochrome with some shimmer thrown in! I loooove this color in the sun. I tried to grab the duo, but it was being a little tricky with my indoor lighting.  I used three thin coats of this color just because it is a…

Sweet Spot Labs with a Super Sweet Summer Scent

**Press Sample**
SweetSpot Labs always has such great smelling products and great for YOU products. SweetSpot Labs is not just for personal hygiene, but for your entire body hygiene. With summer in full swing, they have a fabulous new scent of Coconut Lime! When I say fabulous, I mean FAB-U-LOUS! It smells so good!  Coconut Lime Gentle Wash I've been using this as my new body wash. It is gentle enough for our personal parts, so I know it will be perfect for my sensitive skin. Natural coconut cleansers cleans the skin and the lime makes you feel refreshed all over! It is 97% natural and sulfate free! Coconut Lime Personal Wipes
These are my gym bag staple. When I am running late or my workout goes over, these are my savior!! They smell amazing and make my stinky gym body smell amazing, too! They are super gentle and contain aloe and cucumber to refresh and calm. 98% natural and alcohol free, they are perfect for sensitive skin. I have even used them on my face when I need to get that…

RuckPack: Combat Nutrition. For Every Battle.

**Powered by BrandBacker**Affiliate Code** I'm pretty excited to be sharing these awesome new-to-me products. I am a huge gym buff, as some as you may know. When I was given this opportunity to try this supplement out from RuckPack I was all over it. I am always looking for the perfect balance to keep my hunger cravings under key, but something that also supports my crazy gym love.  RuckPack has been seen on Shark Tank, Beyond the Tank, Entrepreneur Magazine, Bloomberg Radio, Fox and Friends, Marine Times, People Magazine and Google. With such great backing, I thought that I had to try this!
The key to these products from RuckPackis Nootropics. In the health and fitness world, this word has been thrown around very heavily lately. It is considered the magic brain food that helps enhance your focus, mood, creativity, cognitive functioning and reasoning, memory and motivation. When your body feels like it's about to give up mid run, it's the push you need to your muscles t…

SkinFix- Keeping My Skin Fresh and Perfect!

**Press Samples**
I was soooo excited to use this product when it arrived on my doorstep. I have heard so many great things about skinfix and all you know my skin always needs some good fixing!! I was able to use both of these products several times over a month which really gave me a good feel for what they can do! Follow along with me.... Foaming Clay Cleanser I am in love with this product! It smells amazing- light and airy and it feels awesome both when I apply and afterwards. This is 99% natural and made with both clay and coconut allows for powerful cleansing with smooth, calming moisturizer. Some ingredients include skinfix proprietary complex called Healthy Skin Clay Complex, Jojoba Oil, Sugar Beat Extract, Coconut Cleansers, and Cucumber Extract. All such good things and for only $14.99!   Foaming Oil Cleanser This has been my jam!! I looooove the way my skin feels now that I have been using this love. This is the same basis as the above product, but uses just coconut cleanser…

Lancome Monsieur Big from Influenster

**Brought to you from Influenster**
Monsieur Big is the **newest** goodies from Lancome and I get to show you it here first!! Influenster gave me 3 products to try together. Mascara base, mascara and remover. Take a trip with me to see how it all worked out!  First up, the Cilas Booster XL Super Enhancing Mascara Base. Lash primer isn't something that I use regularly. I'm not sure why since I pretty much prime everything else when I'm going for a night out.
As you can see in the video below, I applied several light coats to get maximum volume and length. I am not a fan of the brush shape, but I do love the formula. It is light and really does lengthen. I have super long lashes to begin with, these just exaggerate and enhance what I already have.  Followed up by the Bi-Facil double action eye makeup remover, all the remnants comes off easily. A little goes a long way with this product, so do not over saturate your cotton ball or you will have an oily mess all over your eye…