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New Years Eve Blingalicious!!

**Winnings** I am in love with both of these polishes and I am still in total love with this collection after a year. I won this entire collection in a giveaway last year and I wear these all of the time. KB Shimmer is slowly becoming one of my favorite indies. I had an issue with a polish I bought a while ago and I sent her an email about the color. I bought it in a swap and wanted to make sure it wasn't tampered with. She offered me a store credit and had me send it back to her with no questions asked. Talk about excellent customer service and stress free polishing! I have been giving a ton of business to this shop lately because I just can't get enough of the colors and the creativity. The shipping speed it just phenomenal. I ordered something for a Christmas swap on Black Friday and it was at my house within 3 days. Fantastic! Anyway, for this mani I decided to do a little glitter gradient. This topper is just gorgeous. There are so many shapes in here

My Favorites of 2014 Post!

**Press Sample** I have decided to show you all some of my favorite posts over the last year. I have grown soooooo much this year. 2014 was a HUGE year for Color Me So Crazy and I have to say thank you to all of you for that. Beware this is mega pic heavy, but enjoy the slide show of me over the year. January 2014   Cirque Alchemy Collection Winning  I won the ENTIRE Alchemy Collection and I still squee every time I wear one. Love, love, love Cirque! Nail Art for Nubs ft. Clouds Cloud nail art was super popular last year and I couldn't get enough of it. I could still cloud in every combination! February 2014 #RedCoatTuesday You can still join for this year!! Just shoot me an email ( to get on the list. We wear Red on Tuesdays to celebrate our favorite girls from Rosewood! This is one of my favorite designs from the season.  First Makeup Post This is one of my very first makeup posts. Yes, the lighting isn

Zoya Satins

**Press Release** ZOYA NATUREL SATINS The next generation of Zoya Naturel is almost here! Introducing,  Zoya Naturel Satins,  a collection of six new, neutral nail polish colors in an ultra-wearable, low-sheen, chic satin finish. A hybrid between matte and glossy polishes, the new Zoya Satin* formula provides opaque coverage and is longer lasting than traditional matte shades. The flawlessly smooth  finish hides imperfections and creates a luxurious, satin finish nail look. ·        ZP782/Leah : Lavender tinged taupe, exclusive Zoya Satin* finish.  ·        ZP779/Rowan : Creamy suede taupe, exclusive Zoya Satin* finish. ·       ZP781/Sage : Mossy sage green, exclusive Zoya Satin* finish. ·       ZP778/Tove : Misty slate grey, exclusive Zoya Satin* finish.   ·           ZP780/Brittany : Rose mauve cream, exclusive Zoya  Satin* finish. ·         ZP783/Ana : Light toasted almond, exclusive Zoya Satin* finish.  *Zoya Satin is not intended to be worn wit

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Dots

**Press Sample** This is my final entry for this month's Nail Challenge Collaborative theme of dots. I made it!! Right in the nick of time, too. Anyway, this is a re-do for this one. I did this one in a gold and navy color combination, but I hated it. Bold Gold is a tricky color to work with because it shows everything. Maybelline got it wrong. That is NOT a holo, but more of a metallic. I don't care, I love it anyway. It's probably one of my favorite polishes. I love doing interlocking dots design and this time, I stepped it up a notch. I added a double interlock on the accent nail. I went from black to gold to pink. Yeah, that was slightly tricky planning it out in my head, but I love the way it turned out. We also picked next month's theme. I had to giggle a little because I was just thinking to myself a couple days ago that I needed to start investing in some more stamping plates. I want to really start practicing my stamping skills a little more. WAIT.

52 Week Challenge Presents Dots with 3 Shades of Purple

**Nothing to Disclose**  For this weeks challenge, I have a design that was waaaay better looking in my head. I had this brilliant idea to make this fun design with a purple glitter over a purple base and then do a three layered dot design over it. Yeah, it was better in my head.  I wanted to make this really abstract with different sized dots. Imperfection and craze was what I was going for and I think I got an amoeba looking disease looking thing on my fingers. Haha. Oh well, I made the challenge right? Next weeks prompt will be super interesting. It's something that should be super obvious, but I think it's trickier than it sounds. So, stay tuned to see what I have in store!! Colors Used: Funky Fingers- Sugar Plum Fairy Sinful Colors-Star Dust L'Oreal- The Mystic's Fortune An InLinkz Link-up