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Beauty Blogazons Weekly Round Up

Lola's Secret Beauty Blog: Lola's Secret Beauty Blog tests out Marula By John Paul Selects Pure Marula Facial Oil! Read all about it!Beauty by Miss L: Simple Valentine´s Day nail artMakeup Demon: Alternative green makeup idea!Beauty on the Bayou: Erasing Fine Lines and Deep Wrinkles is Hard, but Peter Thomas Roth makes it easyKizzy Online: Kizzy is determined to make her pores look smaller and to get rid of her acne scars. She's been using the Exuviance Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish (found at Ulta), check out her review!Theadorable Beauty Blog: Some simple and yet eye-catching nail art!The Passenger Element: MOTD: What Im wearing - featuring a green smokey eyeColor Me So Crazy: What's In My Bag? Check Out What Products I Keep In My To-Go Bag!!Never Say Die Beauty: Allison shares the gorgeous swatches from Milani's new Moisture Matte Lipstick collection!The Feminine Files: Are you ready for a mascara that will give you sensational lashes?'s als…

Make Me Pretty Giveaways

**All photos are provided by giveaway owners. All credit is given to them. ** 

Today is make my Pretty Giveaways!! You get a comprehensive list of giveaways from around the Beauty Blog World!! I will gather a list of giveaways throughout the week and put them in a post. I will post the link on my sidebar so in case you miss it, you can quickly access it from there.

If you are interested in adding one that I have missed, please do so by using my contact  form here of emailing me at

Peek and Ponder Giveaway Ends: 1/31

ANNY Glittery Giveaway from Crystaliciousss Ends: 1/31

Lace and Lacquers Santas Sack Giveaway Ends: 2/1

Lace and Lacquers 3rd Anniversary Ends: 2/1

Valentine's Day Collaboration Giveaway

Ends: 2/2

Fab Fatale Zoya Giveaway

Ends: 2/3

The Polish Diva Mega E.L.F. Nail Polish Giveaway Ends: 2/6

Manicurator Dior Top Coat Giveaway

Ends: 2/6

Lacquerologist Anniversary Giveaway
Ends: 2/7

KellieGonzo Santas Secret Sack Giveaway

Ends: 2/8

Set in Lacquer 3 Year…

52 Week Challenge presents Fish Braid with Non-Glitter Topper

**Press Samples** This weeks challenge was super fun and I super love the way this came out. I love the color combo, I love the fish braid, and I love the way the non-glitter topper came out. I just love it.  So, a little bit about the colors... The prompt was to use a non-glitter topper. I immediately thought, "oh sooo easy". Yeah, not so much. I did decide to use a holo topper and my Fantasy Fire for this prompt. I think they worked out great. I haven't used my Fantasy Fire in a long time and I am glad that I dug it out. On top of the fish braid and non-glitter topper prompt, we also have to use our oldest polishes. That's why I dug that baby out. Anyway, I am absolutely going to use this one again because it looks so pretty over just about any polish. Evidence- look at these pictures!! Next weeks prompt is Flowers and Pale Blue. Colors Used: Max Factor- Fantasy Fire Zoya- Rooney Ozotic-534 Just Rica- Whiteout NOPI- On A Gilt Trip Maybelline- Onyx Rush L'Ore…

What's In My Bag?

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So I have been asked to do the What's In My Bag? Challenge. Except, I have a little twist on mine. Secret... shhh I don't have a real bag. What I mean is that it's in my car. My bag is my center console of my car. If I need a timeout to do my makeup, I take a trip to my car. I spend sooooo much time at work and I love my car so this is my little retreat. Also, I love natural lighting. If I need to grab somethings because I can't make it back to my car, I can. I can grab whatever I need and throw it in my purse. So, I don't have an actual bag in my purse, but it's an entire console in my car that I just pick and choose from as I need it. 

Love and Beauty Sparkling Gloss from Forever 21
Body Butter in Milk and Honey from Guccio
Complexion Brightening Lipstick in medium to tan from tarte cosmetics
Mascara from Model Co.
Tweezers from Revlon
Lip Balm Tint in Peach from elf Cosmetics
Lipstick in Deeply in Mauve from Noyah

#RedCoatTuesday for Pretty Little Liars

Holy Cow!! So tonight's episode is called The Bin of Sin and is supposed to be all about possibly framing Hannah for Mona's murder!! No!! Not our Han! She's being going through enough with her cray mom and her escapades! What I need to know from last week:
What the F is in that barrel??!? That is what I need to know. If anything that is still on my mind, that is it. Is Mona's poor little twisted up body in that damn barrel? God, I hope not!
Toby and Spencer are keeping secrets!! Spence needs to stop being so sneaky. I mean dammit! Let the cop detect!!
Speaking of detecting who is going to get busted with the little love triangle that is going on between Jason D, Pastor Ted and Ashley?? You know someone is eventually.
I need some answers here and I know all you fans do too! I was freaking out when Spencer and Caleb were in that storage locker I knew it was a set up. I just knew it was an A project. I think this is the beginning of a set up of poor Hannah. Since she was…

Beauty Break for a Little Noms

**Brought to you by Influenster**
So, I got this great opportunity to test out Reese's Spreads and of course I took it. You know I love my food as much as I love my beauty! Since I have been on this diet thing, unfortunately,  I have been doing a lot of cooking and not a lot of tasting.Actually, it's not that bad because I really enjoy cooking. It's kind of bad because I am really good at it and I don't get to reap the benefits. This was one of those times. You know I snuck a little taste though! Had to! So this is how this beauty is made: Graham crackers Reese's Peanut Butter Spread Bananas- about 2 sliced Health Bars- crushed Cool Whip
1) Spread the Reese's Spread on the Graham cracker 2) Place the bananas on the chocolatey grahams. 3) Put the plate in the microwave for about 30-45 seconds. You don't want your chocolate to burn so keep an eye on it. 4) Dollop the Cool Whip 5) Sprinkle the Health Bars 6) Serve
You can make these individually, too but my ki…

Missing the Summer with Negative Space Luau Stamping

**Nothing to Disclose** Ok since all of us on the East Coast are covered in A LOT of snow right now I'm going to go ahead and say that I am missing the warm weather. I love Pittsburgh, but I also love the sun. So I did some Luau stamping to warm my soul. I got my Rica Squishy collection a while back and I have been using them more and more because one of my resolutions this year was to practice my stamping skills more. While I have a ways to go, I think I have been improving. Experimenting is what will help me improve, so onward! Overall, I think this came out pretty well. I was going to originally go with a white base, but again experimenting... Experimenting is the name of the game. I really like the negative space and nude background. It's the whole au naturel look. Ya dig? ha Colors Used: JustRica- Squishy Grape JustRica- Squishy Lime JustRica- Squishy Plum JustRica- Squishy Blueberry JustRica- Squishy Lemon

The Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Round Up

TheFabZilla: Spring has sprung at TheFabZilla. Check out Guerlain Les Tenders Spring 2015 Makeup Collection Feat. Meteorites Compact 3 Medium and Kiss Kiss Rosy Silk Painted Ladies: Puzzled by nail art? Sheila breaks down 4 easy nail art techniques that will have your manis looking fancy in a flash. Lola's Secret Beauty Blog: Looking for more matte lipstick options? Then see why Burberry Lip Velvet Long Wear Lipsticks in Antique Pink and Pink Amber are swoon-worthy! Fluttering Lashes: Have you picked up anything from Cara Cosmetics? Check out my recent additions!Beauty by Miss L: Are OZ Naturals products really the best ones? BeautyTidbits: No time for a Spa facial treatment? Check out this amazing at-home facial mask and get an exclusive offer to score a Free Sample!Color Me So Crazy: What's Inside My January Ipsy Glam Bag?? Never Say Die Beauty: The Michael Todd Soniclear Antimicrobial Cleansing Brush is a game changer for Allison's sensitive skinI Know all the Words: T…