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Zoya Pinks! Comparison Post

**Press Samples** I guess I have been in the testing mood. This time, pinks. Not just any old pinks, but Zoya pinks! With the release of Wanderlust, I got thinking about all the different pinks Zoya had and could they really all be different? I grabbed all the similar looking pinks and went to swatch town. I used 8 different pinks from my vast Zoya collection. I even snuck in a matte!  As  you can see, while some of them are seriously similar. I think Byrdie and Nana are most similar. I loooove all of these pinks and this little comparison experiment, made me literally want to wear one each week! Maybe a little girly pick me up?!?! What do you think of these pinks? Do you have a favorite? Is there any other Zoya pinks you would add to this?

How Does LipSense Hold Up Against Others?

**May Contain Press Samples** I got the opportunity to try out some LipSense products a couple of months ago and I got the brilliant idea to match it up against some of my other go-to long lasting lip colors. So, I went to my overflowing stash and starting pulling all of my long lasting colors. I had so many that I had to pull it down to my favorite 7 plus LipSense.  After swatching them on my arm, I went on my way. I figured a full day of yard work, cooking and cleaning would be pretty accurate with all the things I do with my lips throughout the day. Eating, drinking, chewing gum, yapping away!  As you can see, there way a lot of wear after 8 hours. BUT not too bad for 8 hours of crazy wear! Check that out!! As you can see, the LipSense is going strong! NYX is also going super strong. NARS was a sad burnout after about 3 hours, but I still love that color. Reapply often, I guess? After a full 24 hours- including a goodnights sleep- the above results were what I woke

Zoya Wanderlust Summer 2017- Part 2

**Press Samples** I have part 2 of the Wanderlust Collection from Zoya! If you missed the first part, you can check it out here .  Cora  Sticking with the beautiful muted color scheme of this year, Cora is a muted coral. Cute play on the name, right?  Cora went on full coverage with 2 coats for me. I didn't have any patching or streaking at all. This isn't surprising as I have only had (maybe) 3 Zoya colors that have applied less than par.    Sonja  Sonja is a beautiful strawberry red. Zoya describes it as a crimson red cream. Either way, it's totally beautiful.   This beauty applies in 2 coats for me and I just love how it's a perfect summery red. It doesn't have that stark bite of the usual winter red. It has some summer fun thrown into it.   Scout  When I first saw Scout, I was a little put off by that crazy looking color in the bottle. When I put it on, I was in love. Scout is such a unique color and unique is sometimes scary

Sephora June Play! Box

**Bought It** June Play! Box... I'm catching uppppp.... The "in a summer state of mind" bag was just awesome! I am in love with every single product I got!  DEREK LAM 10 CROSBY- Blackout This is such an interesting scent. It has tones of earthy, woody, osmanthus and chai tea. It's kind of spicy and sweet at the same time and it's awesome!  KAT VON D- Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in K-Dub If you have never tried a Kat Von D, this is an awesome color to start out with. I loooove all of her liquid lips. They glide on like butter and dry with a really great matte finish. I have not tried this on my lips, but I will be rocking this soon! It's a great all year long color.  DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE- Alpha Beta Glow Pad Gradual Glow Ok... how cool is this? It is so hard to find self- tanners for your face and my face is the one place I need them the most! I lather the heck out of my face with sunscreen all day, every day with the strongest SPF

Pacifica is ALL About Coconut!!

**Press Sample** Coconut everything and Pacifica is helping make that happen! Pacifica gave me 6 products that are all coconut based to help me get through my summer beauty blunders. This collection focuses on deep hydration to improve the overall appearance of your skin. Coconut everything, again!  Coconut Water Micellar Cleansing Tonic Micellar water helps get rid of impurities, dirt and makeup without harsh cleansing or water. Retailing for $12, this bottle of magic is gentle and helps calm skin that is stressed out.  Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes Gentle, awesome smelling cleansing wipes that get all that gunk off your face. I must say that the first couple of times that I used this, it kind of made my itchy. It was just a quick little burn, but I am avoiding eye areas at all costs because that is where I got the most burn!  Hot Vegan Probiotic & Spice Rehab Mask I have used this once and WOW! I have never tried this combination of ingredients in a mask

My FIRST Experience at Drybar; Lookbook

**Services Provided at No Charge**  I am sooo excited to share this fun evening with you! I, like soooo many people love Drybar products. When I learned they were putting a Drybar in Pittsburgh, so close to me, I was sooooo excited! I got an appointment on the day of the Grand Opening and I am sooooo excited to share my day with you!  I have a ton of pictures, so I am going to keep the words to a minimum. If you have any questions, shoot me an email, leave a comment or find me @colormesocrazy just about anywhere! I have some contact information for the shop below and my stylist was Hilary. So if you are looking to try this Drybar out, be sure to ask for her. She was just so super awesome!    Drybar- Upper St. Clair in Pittsburgh  Fresh beats with a DJ for their Grand Opening  Product Wall. I got to use 8 of these products with my blow out and my hair still felt soooo soft!  Grand Opening Goodies Mimosa for my relaxing day  I got the Cosmopolita