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Just Because the Summer is Almost Over...

**Press Sample**  S ummer is coming to an end, doesn't mean those nasty sun rays go away. Derma E gave me these great products to show off and help you repair, improve and prevent all that harmful yuck from your skin. The Anti-Wrinkly Cleanser and the Sun Defense Mineral Sunscreen work together to bring you an amazing super hero duo.    Sun Defense Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 Face Most of us are in the sun at some point through out the day. Whether it is to go to our cars or walk to the bus in the morning, it gets a peep it our skin. Making sunscreen part of your daily makeup routine is ultra important. Derma E offers this great solution for under $20. A combination of Vitamin E, mineral zinc oxide and Green Tea helps to exfoliate old skin cells away and generate new ones.  Anti- Wrinkle Cleanser Can I cleanse my whole body with this?!? Seriously, I was never as concerned with wrinkles as I am now. I definitely started using anti-aging products several years ago, bu

Sephora July... The Good, The Bad and The Pretty!

**Bought It** Sephora has been my go-to box for a couple of years now and every month I am introduced to several new items. Now that I have been able to try these- some for the first time- I'm going to dish it all on my feelings!   FRESH   Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment In the shade DREAM, I love every time I see these in my box. They are great to throw in your purse when you need a quick pick me up through out the day. The sweet thing about this product is that it helps prevent those fine lines and help improve the softness all while giving you a little pink color tint.  This product is a LOVE Josie Maran  Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter  I looooove to try new moisturizers. I actually make it a goal to switch them up every month because my skin needs change at just about that rate. First things first, the smell. It's amazing. You can't get passed a product, let alone put it on your face, if it smells horrible. The other plus? This product is cho

Zoya Element For All YOUR Fall Purples!

**Press Samples** Zoya just popped their Fall 2018 collection and it's pretty awesome! It's one of my favorite collections, well, because PURPLE! It has so many purple shades that I can't even stand it! I couldn't pick a favorite, so if you could... please let me know! LEIGHTON Zoya describes this as a blackened aubergine. Aubergine is like an eggplant shade.  This shade gave my camera a little trouble, but I can't wait to start wearing this on the regular!  RACHAEL Zoya describes this as a mulberry, berry creme.  I have to chuckle at the double berry! It's a sweet dark wine beauty.  The vamp meter is going off with this baby! MAEVE Grape jelly! Maeve reminds me of an awesome grape jelly color.  Still representing a vibrant purple, the dusty pull brings this color back into the perfect fall collection. GARDNER A beautiful periwinkle color with a multishimmer finish is what makes up gardner. I'm defi