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How I Kickstarted My Skin Care: Calysta Labs PLUS 5 Fun Facts!

**Press Samples** Today, I am showcasing a new brand, to me, that has been helping me work on my crazy skin! During this transition time between winter and spring, my skin freaks out. So, this is the perfect time to try out a new skin are routine to kickstart some new actions with my pores.  Calysta Labs  was introduced to me by a local firm. I read a little bit about their mission and I decided that I would love to try out some of their products. Meticulously combining products to provide an outcome of smoother, younger, healthier looking skin. I got to try three different products all picked to help smooth out my skin and fight that nasty acne flares that I have popping out.  Restorative Foaming Cleanser  This is a gentle cleanser that helps brighten and softer the skin. It has a mild scent and an even milder feel. I have super sensitive skin that like to have a break out party whenever I change cleansers or deviate from my skincare routine. Also, when the weather c

Our Top 4 Destinations for THIS Summer- Exposed

 This year has been such a stressful year for me and I promised myself all year that I was going to go big this summer. I deserve a reward for this years test of perseverance and strength. Pretty much every week, I was making a list of a place we were going to visit. Before I knew it, I was waaayyy over budget and waaayyy over time. So, here I sit to finalize my list and I would love some feedback! Tour de Ohio Last year we talked and talked about going to visit Sandusky, Ohio. It borders Lake Erie and is right in the middle of Toldeo and Cleveland. We were looking at doing a 4-5 day trip where we did a day in Sandusky to check out Cedar Point OR Kalahari Waterparks and then move over to Cleveland and finish up with a scenic ride back to Pittsburgh. Cleveland would be the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Museums and Zoo and either the Maritime Museum or Police Museum (kids pick).   Philadephia, PA Both myself and my husband grew up on the east coast of PA. We took Phi

6 NEW GlowsStix Colors to Jesse's Girl that You HAVE TO See!

**Press Samples**  I am a huge fan of Jesse's Girl products and I am an even bigger fan when there is a new release from an already great line up. I was proud to share the original collection of GlowStix a good while back and when I found out there were new colors coming out, I was so pumped! I thought these were the coolest things to hit lip color in such a long time.  I was sent 6 new colors and 2 old colors and they come in a new packing with more product. Twice the amount than the original packaging. I have a little video comparison of the old version vs the new version so that you can see the difference for yourself.   As you can see the colors are not only amazing in the bottle, but also on the skin. In the video, you can see I swatched these over some brighter colors and then over some darker colors to see all of the options you have!  GlowStix are a true holographic gloss. This means they are on the thicker side and will build rather quickly. So, while you m

Go Naked!! See How I Help My Hands, Feet and Body Get Ready for the Summer!

**Press Samples** Naked Manicure is a treatment system from Zoya that helps hydrate and heal your skin to keep it looking it's best. Zoya says this system was designed to deliver the moisturizing treatment to your skin and then locking it beneath a fortified lipid barrier giving your skin a newer brighter looking skin. There are currently 2 different individual items available in several different sizes and 3 different duo packages. There is a Hydrating Hand & Body Serum and a Healing Dry Skin Hand & Body Cream.  Hydrating Hand & Body Serum This serum consists of a blend of hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. It's a refreshing spray that dries rather quickly. It is supposed to give your skin a brighter look- thank you HA! and helps even out any irregularities you may have.  Healing Dry Skin Hand & Body Cream This cream is to follow the Serum to lock in all of the antioxidants and HA to increase the moisture. Moisturizing is soooo important wh