Peppermint & Lemon Essential Oil Review

**Product Review**

I have posted about a couple different InstaNatural products before and I wanted to share two different types of every day products that I just started using in my beauty life. Essential oils!! Now, I use essential oils in my every day life for cleaning, deodorizing, general good smells, and cooking.I got these two scents from InstaNatural to review and I was super pumped because I was finally going to use them ONLY for beauty purposes!! Two full bottles just for MY body!!
First up is Lemon. Lemon Essential Oil is extracted from the rinds of lemon, which lends its fresh citrus fragrance. This cold-pressed oil has a strong bright scent that is both refreshing and uplifting. Its astringent and purifying properties also make it a great aid to help cleanse and tone the skin, while delivering a boost of Vitamin C antioxidant benefits.
Ok... So this is how I use the Lemon Essential Oils in my Beauty Routine:
1. Mix it in my unscented body lotion
2. Add it to my bath water.
3. Add it to my food scrub/ foot soak
4. Lip Exfoliator (Brown Sugar, Honey, Lemon Extract)
5. Body Freshner- Add a couple drops to water in a spray body
6. Mix with baking soda and spread on teeth as whitener paste
7. Lighten any scars on my face from acne
8. **Bonus Tip** This works great when you buy beauty products on sale that have the price tag on them that you can get off and you don't want to scrape it off because it will ruin the product. Just add a little Lemon Essential Oil and it will wipe right off.

InstaNatural’s Peppermint Essential Oil is a multi-purpose oil that cools, energizes and refreshes the body and mind. This steam-distilled oil is extracted from dried or fresh leaves from the Mentha Piperita herb, giving it a sharp, menthol fragrance. Its pleasantly sweet and minty aroma makes it a premium choice for aromatherapy to improve the mind and lift the spirits.

What I use Peppermint Essential Oils for in my beauty life?
1. Wakes me up!! I add a little to my shampoo to wake up my hair, body and entire self up in the shower when it hits the hot water! Yum!!
2. Natural breath mint
3. Add to your bath to relax your sore muscles after a long, hard day
4. Helps with a dry, itchy scalp (or any part of your body). It is cooling so it calms it down.
5. Promotes hair and nail growth- Hello cuticle oil additive!!
6. Slap a little on a forming pimple and help that redness go down

Overall, I was impressed by how much oil I got in these bottles. The bottles from InstaNatural are 4oz and that is a lot since you really don't use that much at one time. Only a couple drops a time will do the trick in most cases. For a little under $20 and free shipping, you really can't beat this. Also, if you have not hopped on the essential oil train yet you really should! There are sooooo many things you can do with this little bottle. Literally from laundry to beauty to outside bug control. DO IT ALL!!
If you think you want to hop on the train, you can look to see what kinds of Essential Oils InstaNatural has to offer at


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