Dermalogica PreCleanse Oil and Face Wipes Regimen

**Provided by iFabbo**

A couple weeks ago I got a neat little duo from one of my favorite brands, dermalogica! The PreCleanse and PreCleanse wipes are so awesome to have on the run and these are sooo perfect for me!
Dermalogica PreCleanse Oil is an oil based cleanser but it is water soluble so it won't stay oily on your skin. You can put it right on your clean hands and put it on your face. Rub it on your face to bring up the gunk. You can start to dissolve the product by putting a little water on your hands and continuing to rub the dirt off. Rinse with a warm water and then clean with your usual cleanser. You can use this in the morning and night. Looooove!! I have absolutely added this to my routine. Why not? 
Next is the Dermalogica PreCleanse Wipes. These are like your usual wipes you see in the store except they are made by one of the best skin care companies around and there is sooo much more about them!! First, they are biodegradable. Secondly, this is made with aloe, apricot oil, rice bran, and Vitamin E so they can even be used for that gross eye makeup. You can add water to the wipes to emulsify your skin and get a deeper clean.
 Overall, I am in love with this idea. I think the PreCleanse is super awesome. Sometimes when I clean my face, I notice that there is still makeup coming off on my towel when I am done. Since I have been using this I have noticed no more makeup on my towels and a cleaner face. I am so happy that I have found a product like this. I use the PreCleanser oil more than I do the wipes just because I am saving the wipes for my on-the-go emergencies. I love them so much!

I totally recommend this regimen because it is always great to add an layer to my cleansing routine AND I know these are both keepers for me.

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