The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Black and White

Last one!! I again have made it through the whole month and as promised from last week, I have animal print. I was going to do a couple of zoo animals, but I am going to stick with Zebra since they are black and white already. 

For this design I used a no-name- literally no name stamping plate that has several full nail stamps. I think that I actually bought it from the famous "Nail Lady" that vends at my work. It works, I love it! I am kind of missing her this summer and I was just thinking that I cannot wait for her to get back on campus because I need more Nailtiques. 

The Orly polish is one of my favorite neons. It dries kind of matte. You know my love for matte, so the first time I used it I squealed a little. I was originally going to leave the base color matte and then leave the shiny finish of the stamping polish, but I couldn't stay away from the matte. I matted them all!

I also alternated the way the zebra stripe went. I still can't decide which way I like the most. I leaning towards the direction of the white ones. The black ones kind of look like flames...ha. 

Colors Used:
Orly- Highlighter
Rica- Blackout
Rica- Whiteout

Also, the theme for next month was pick...**Drumroll Please**

..... Recreate your first 4 nail arts. UGH! This means I have to roll back to 2 years ago and redo things that I am not sure I even knew what I was doing when I started. It will be fun though. 


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