Red Coat Tuesday

This week for PLL I have soooo many questions!! "Surfing the Aftershocks" is the title and boy, it's going to be just that. With the continuation of Alis lies, Mrs D being found and more it's going to be a wild ride for quite a while.

First, let's start with the makeup I did this week for the linkup. I decided to do a n ombre with a layered, very dark dotticure.
Colors Used:
Zoya- Quinn
Zoya- Carmen
Maybelline- Dressed to Kill

NOW... WTF?!?! I really did not expect Mrs D to be dead. I am in total shock that they found her. with that being said, what is Jason doing?? He is still being shady as all hell and now finding Mrs D is not an excuse. Speaking of shady, where did that dog come from? Mrs D could not have ordered it because she was already dead? Is it A?

Why did Ali lie about being kidnapped? The first thing I thought was, they are going to try to find the person that took her. How stupid is she? I watch enough 48 Hours Mystery to know that these things never work out.

Speaking of Ali, again, is she going to go back to school? How is that going to play out? She disappears for quite some time and then expects to come back and fit right in? Especially after the death of her mother. She will never have closure on why her mom did what she did to her on the night Ali was buried.

To wrap it all up, TOBY is back!! Boy, do I miss looking at him. Sooooo HOT!!


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