GOT Polish Challenge presents Gradient

I made it!! Again, through another challenge. The good news for this is that we have yet another round. We are scheduled up until September. As you can see, this week is gradient. Sometimes it's pretty difficult to find one really old polish to use, now to dig out 3 old polishes that matched to a gradient was a little tricky.

I wanted to go really old school for this, so I dug out some really old school polishes. The NYC and Black Radiance are super old. I think I found the Black Radiance in my moms room when I was younger and the NYC was like my first glitter.  

I did a glitter gradient which is a little easier for me because you can use the glitter to kind of blend the two colors. The Golden Rose did not like to play with the others because it is super iridescent. I thought this would make it easier to blend in the gradient, but nope.

Next week will be the start of a new set of challenges. Turquoise will be the first one. I have the perrrfect polish and it is even has a matte-ish finish!

Colors Used:
Black Radiance- Thunderhead
NYC-Starry Silver Glitter
Golden Rose- 52


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