The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Black and White

For my third installment of the Nail Challenge Collaborative Challenge, I stamped!! Again.... This time, I added some 3D decoration in that I got from KKCenterHk to review last year. 

I always admire the bloggers that I see with all of this awesome 3D art. The problem with me is that it's just not practical. I am a mom, I worked full time and I am ALWAYS using my hands. Sometimes it's cute to wear something little like this, but the supppper cute ones always have tons of bling and I just can't do that. 

I have tried before and you know what happens?? One of my bling falls into the salad or the mashed potatoes or ends up in my garden or in my hair. It's just how it is. I did these knowing that and making them nice and simple will make them last longer. 

As you can see I stamped a design with black over white polish and then added the 3D art. I recently got new stamping polishes and to give them a whirl. Oh wee... I am so happy I bought them. Anyone that stamps knows they are always on the hunt for the perfect black and white stamping polish. Well, I think I found them. JustRica came out with 2 stamping polishes. Blackout and Whiteout are 2 polishes that are awesome for stamping. They are thick and stamp really well. 

I only have one more design for this month's theme and I think I may have to do some animal print. What doesn't scream black and white like ZEBRA!! I just have to figure out how.

Colors Used:
JustRica- Blackout
KKCenterHk- Pink 3D Nail Art


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