Bridal Bliss Part 1 from Zoya

**Press Samples**

 I am so excited to bring this collection to you! I am such a huge fan of of all neutrals all times of the year, so this entire collection is my favorite! There is such a nice collection of cremes, shimmers, glitters and translucent colors. I love all the different finishes!
 Below, I am going to show you half of this collection so that you get to love each and everyone of them like I did. The first couple of colors in this collection are literally all of those neutral, earthy, nude tones. There is a few shimmers, a glitter, some cremes and a jelly. You can grab each of these up at Zoyas website for only $10 each. 
This is one of my favorite toppers. I love it even more topped over a nude! I have traditionally topped this over a darker color to really bring that irridecent pop out, but I love this subtle shift that this combination yields. 

I am in looove with this glitter! Brighton is a soft gold that is full coverage after about 3 coats. I love that the holographic glitter gives this color such a soft, elegant look that isn't too abrasive. 

This is described as a soft pearly almond by Zoya. The pictures that I see on Zoyas website are definitely not what I see in this polish. Don't get me wrong, I love McKenna, but it's different than what I was expecting. This shimmer in this is very light and it's really dependent on the light source that you are showing off your nails in. Sunlight is always best, we haven't had any so I will have to give McKenna another try. 

Zoya describes Chantel as a French Vanilla creme color. Yummmm! I really like this color. It's full coverage and glides on so smoothly. I only used 1 coat and then filled in any patches with a very thin 2nd coat. 

This!! Loretta is a beauuuutiful jelly that Zoya describes as a sheer creme. I love the way that jellies build. They are like M-Y-O opacity. So cool! I will be rocking Loretta frequently. A good jelly is hard to execute and I love this one!

Ok! If you don't see the gorgeousness in this color, you just aren't looking well enough! Erika is a peachy pink with gold shimmer. I love the shift of gold in the light. Erika is so subtle, romantic and elegant color. I can't say enough of the beauty of Erika except you have to check it out for yourself. 
Now that you got to see these first 6 colors, what do you think?

Do you have a favorite?

Stay tuned for Part 2!!


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