CycleBar Pittsburgh- My First Try!

**Complimentary Session**

A while back, I was jumped on an opportunity to try out a BRAND NEW CycleBar in Pittsburgh. They were giving away free rides for their first week they were open. Being the spin lover that I am, I was all over this. Armed with my spin best, my best friend Amy and I went on an adventure.
It was so easy to sign up for a class. You just visit their website, pick a date, time, bike and pay. All you have to do is show up at the time and date picked. Once we arrived, we were greeted with very friendly staff. We were walked through the process to sign in and given our shoes. Our shoe cubby had the same number as our locker, so it made it super easy to navigate after class. Once I got all decked out, I was given a water bottle and a towel and lead to my bike. 
They had friendly staff available to help navigate your bike if it was your first time. Just about every spin bike is different so it's always good to get a quick once over of what you are working with. All of the equipment is new and shiny so I was so excited to get my hands- or legs- on it. Once I was clicked in, I was able to start warming up. We had a full class. The room was equipped with great sound equipment, awesome light effects and large screen TVs that had some great graphics and flashed stats throughout the program. 
Our instructor was very knowledgable and so much fun. It was a super tough class and I walked out of there with a slight sore limp, but it was so much fun! After class, we were greeted with cold, damp towels, fruit, muffins and minted water. Overall, the experience was pretty awesome! I have not had the chance to go since then just because our life has been so hectic that my regular gym is just about all I can squeeze in, but I would love to go again. I do peep at their website every so often and notice that they have some really cool themed days that I would love to treat myself to. I also saw that they often have specials and their package deals are really great. 
I also got the privilege to meet with the owner during the grand opening and she seemed so personable and accommodating when it came to talking about options with their packages. If you are in to spin or thinking about trying it and from the Pittsburgh area, I highly recommend checking out CycleBar in the North Hills. 


  1. Ooo! Cyclebar looks like a great addition to the Pittsburgh Fit scene. I love spinning, but have only done it at my local y.


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