HIGHTLIGHT COSMETICS Shows Off Liquid Lipstick!

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Have you ever heard of HIGHLIGHT COSMETICS? It is a new to me company based in Los Angeles that is comprised of high-end luxurious matte liquid lipsticks. Each product is made with natural ingredients. They have 10 different shades with 5 metallics. BONUS!! They are all currently on sale for $14.99 on their website!!
The color that I got to try out was DESERT MIRAGE. Like a lot of beauty products coming out today, there is the benefit of dual purpose outcomes when using it. This means that not only does this product make you look great, but it also improve your skin. HIGHLIGHT COSMETICS includes ingredients such as:
💫Turmeric Oil- helps dry and chapped lips, antibacterial properties, produces a natural glow, promotes even skin tone
💫Green Tea Extract- Antioxidants, reduces inflammation, improves moisture
💫White Tea Extract- Diminish the look of dry skin, reduces inflammation, increases moisture
💫Kelp Extract- reduces inflammation, improves moisture, prevents skin damage from the sun
Overall, the pigment in this product is very nice. It goes on very smoothly and it does have a nice metallic finish. However, I am not in love with the staying power of this lipstick. The reapplication is about every 3-4 hours and less if you are eating or drinking. Mattes are tricky, so make sure your prep your lips prior with a scrub and moisture to elongate the staying power.
I was thinking how great this would be blending with another color. I would looooove it as a gradient. Blending this color in to a little bit of a darker matte color would be so pretty. Keep an eye out of SnapChat for my creations with this little beauty! 


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