Explore with Me: Bridal Bliss from Zoya Part II

**Press Samples**

I previewed the first part of the Bridal Bliss a few weeks ago where I debuted 6 super pretty neutral tones.  The last 6 colors have a little more color and more of a pinkish lean. Each of these beauties will run you only $10 a bottle. I will pick out some of my favorites below to get you started!!

Yesssss... now we are dipping a little bit into some pastels. Zoya describes Abby as a light lavender cream. 
Abby has a very smooth application and does not have a chalky feel to it. A good pastel is always hard to do as far as formula goes. Sometimes they end up being too thick because of the pigment in the formula. Abby is perfect! I have two coats on and I achieved full coverage.

Avril is a soft pink that leans with brown undertones. Zoya says this combination of colors is the most flattering for a true "nude". The pink and brown really leans towards just about every skin tone making for a great match. 
I have worn this color all week at work and I can't help but love it. At first, I thought Avril was going to be more of a taupe color, but I was pleasantly surprised at the fantastic match with my skin tone which is pretty much impossible to match!

Bela is described as a sheer ballet slipper pink with the miky cream finish. This is one of those builder polishes that are very sheer. You need to apply this polish with multiple thin coats. 
Bela is a perfect base for those of you that are classic french manicure lovers. You can build it to your liking of sheerness and then you can make that pop with Snow White from this collection, too.

Another pastel beauty! This time, this is a baby blue.  A creamy baby blue that has a glossy finish without any chalkiness is a winning combination. 
The formula of Blu is on point, just as Abby is. It is not chalky and I achieved full, flawless coverage in just two coats.

Rue is a blush cream, as described by Zoya. I find this more of a dusty rose on me which I love since it's a cream and not a sheer nude. 
Rue is a perfect pink undertone match to Avril. While Avril leans brown, Rue leans more towards a pink finish which is perfect for us that have a warmer skin tone. This is a color that I will be wearing a lot. Rue is my definition of nude. 

Snow White
Just what you are thinking. Pure white! This is a cream with great coverage. As I mentioned above, this is the tip pair in your french manicure with Bela. 
Pure white colors are very hard to achieve. Either they come out too chalky, too thick or too gooey. Prior to Snow White, I have yet to find a pure white that has perfect, smooth application. If you pick up anything from this collection, you will want this one. 
Overall, I love this collection. Every single color is perfect for some part of my polish needs. The pastel creams will be my go-to for this upcoming Spring season. I will be exercising my stamping skills with just most of the creams. Zoya did an awesome job with collection. Most colors can be doubled as transition colors while we are waiting for this warm weather to pop up.

Did you spot a favorite from these 6 polishes? What do you think of this collection? 


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