Nail Art for Nubs

This weeks Nail Art for Nubs is featuring more light, springy and pastel colors. I used my modified waterfall design. The story behind this design is that I tried to copy the waterfall design that I saw being done so many time. Tried being the operative word. I failed. My waterfall lines were all crooked and intertwining. I was soooo mad at myself. I rushed, didn't take the time to do straight lines and now I had a swervy, curvy grass-like looking design.

At first, I was ticked. Then, I took my pics and started to edit. I saw that I actually liked it. I really, really liked it. The way that the lines were intertwining, overlapping and curved made it really unique. 

So, that is how the modified waterfall was born. I do this design often. When I find a new color combo that I really like, I usually do dots or the modified waterfall as the art. 

Also, as you can see... I really nubbed my nails. They are super short because I had breaks on my ring and middle fingers. Boo, to yard work!

Colors Used:
Maybelline- Bold Gold
Maybelline- Bare Escape
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White
Barielle- Queen for the Day 

What do you think of this design?? Do you like it? Is it something you would try? I really, really, really like this color combination. The gold mixed with the pastels is just awesome. 


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