The Nail Challenge Collaborative presents Music/Movies/TV

Today, I am starting a little make-up trail because I fell behind in my favorite challenge group. This month's theme is Music/Movies/TV so I decided to kick it off with only 11 days left in the month. So, I am about to bang these out!!

There are some incredibly talented ladies in this group and I am so honored to be a part of it. I have seen soo many great entries so far. This is the problem for starting late every darn month.

Ok-- since it is Easter, I will be doing an Easter theme. Hmmmm what is music, a movie or TV that has to do with Easter??

HOP!! That's right! I am using HOP! Could you tell?? As you can see, this movie came out 3 years ago and it is still my kids go-to Easter movie. I was so excited when I realized this challenge would match up with Easter.

Hop Movie Nails

Have you ever seen Hop? What do you think? I love cute little animated films. They crack me up and make my kids happy. It's like the best of both worlds.
Hop Movie Nails

Do you have any other favorite Easter movies?? I can't even think of any! This is the only one that came to mind.
Hop Movie Nails

Colors Used:
Maybelline- Bare Escape
Santee- Nude
Revlon- Star Crush
Wet n Wild- Saved by the Blue
NYC- High Line Green
Sinful Colors- Citrine
Hop Movie Nails


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