The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Music/Movies/TV

Yes, this is my creativity lacking. I did a little ditty with hand drawn music notes and this creative abstract thing.. Yeah, I tried!!

I think this turned out a lot better in my mind. I think next time when I try these, I am going to use a super skinny striper brush instead of the dotting tool. 

I always forget that my nails are super small. When I plan out a design, sometimes, and try to execute fails. I used to erase and start over, but I decided that part of the blogging experience is just that- an experience. I have to show my good and my bad. 

I really like the idea and the design is pretty awesome, I just could have done better. This is MY new leaf!! I will be showing you all of what I do. Polishes that I don't necessarily like and designs that I don't love. 

Why?? Because I want to show you that I am a human! I have realized this with my new job and my life changing. I am just a human, regular person. I'm not perfect. I can't be! One of my qualities is that I DO have flaws and that I will now be showing YOU that I embrace them. 

Even though, I am not in love with them, I love that I did them and I am rocking that!! Anyway, now that I just did that little soul searching, I hope that you liked this intro to the NEW ColorMeSoCrazy- flaws and all!!

Colors Used:
Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer- Poison Ivy
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White
WetnWild- Ebony Hates Chris


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