Nail Art for Nubs- IT"S MY BIRTHDAY

Whoop whoop!! It's my birthday today! So, what do I have on my nails?!?

Skittles! Of course! Whenever I want to go all out and can't decide what to do, I go for skittles. This week, since it's my birthday I wanted to do something super fancy. 

I was going to do a gold and pink combo, but I have been Bold Gold-ing the heck out of my nails lately. So, I went for the silver. I loooooove these!!

I did a silver heart stamp with some of the Aly's stamped with hearts on top for the index finger. Next, I did a simple french with the Revlon on the tip. The ring finger has some of those great sequins on it for some extra bling. My pinky has some simple silver dots.

Colors Used:
Aly's Dream Polish- Super Cherry
Milani- Silver
Revlon- Sequin

For your birthday, do you like to do a special birthday mani? I love to do something sassy every year! 

I am in love with this and I hope it stays a while. I also hope that you saw the sneak peek at the Aly's Dream Polish that I have coming up for review soon. I have 2 more colors to show you and they are pretty awesome!


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