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Bohemian Dreams Collection from Julie G is here with a special edition wooden handle and some oh so awesome shades! There are 6 creme colors that are natural shades. I am absolutely in love with every single color and I can't wait to start rocking these come September 1st. September 1st is my Fall go date and dusty shades is all I'm rocking!
This is a beautiful plum brown color that is very close to the red pull in real henna. This color is gorgeous. The dusty, oh so close to brown, is attractive without being too, well brown. 
This beautiful sky blue color, has just a tinge of dust to it. I was a little worried about having smurf cuticles after removing this color, but I was happy to find out it didn't stain. 
Two coats of each of these provided a nice smooth, full coverage. I really am loving this color combination, too!

This color is a creamy, dusty watermelon pink. It leans perfectly in the middle of that dark dusty rose and fun watermelon pink. 
Olive green! Dusty olive green is the way I describe this color. All I can think of is martinis when I see this color.... yum! 
 Again, I used two coats with each of these colors. Faith pulled out a little yellow next to Eden, which I wasn't a fan of. Both of these colors on their own are absently beautiful, so next time I wear them- that's how they'll stay. Single! 

A perfect lavender color is a great addition to this dusty collection. It is light and airy and so silky looking. 
The deep, dusty fuchsia is one of my favorites. It is muted and isn't too bright to wear all year long. It's still my favorite pink color, but darker to pull in the Fall essence. 
 Two coats makes this a perfect cover. I also looooooove these two colors together! The duo is gorgeous!
For only $3.99 each, you can't go wrong with any Julie G colors. I have been a huge fan of the affordability and awesome quality for quite some time! I am so glad that I got to add this limited edition collection to my stash! 

Do you own any of these colors yet? Have you seen them in your local Rite Aid?

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