Sweet Spot Labs with a Super Sweet Summer Scent

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SweetSpot Labs always has such great smelling products and great for YOU products. SweetSpot Labs is not just for personal hygiene, but for your entire body hygiene. With summer in full swing, they have a fabulous new scent of Coconut Lime! When I say fabulous, I mean FAB-U-LOUS! It smells so good! 
Coconut Lime Gentle Wash
I've been using this as my new body wash. It is gentle enough for our personal parts, so I know it will be perfect for my sensitive skin. Natural coconut cleansers cleans the skin and the lime makes you feel refreshed all over! It is 97% natural and sulfate free!
Coconut Lime Personal Wipes
These are my gym bag staple. When I am running late or my workout goes over, these are my savior!! They smell amazing and make my stinky gym body smell amazing, too! They are super gentle and contain aloe and cucumber to refresh and calm. 98% natural and alcohol free, they are perfect for sensitive skin. I have even used them on my face when I need to get that makeup off really quickly. 
Also, always LESS Monday and MORE summer! I find my SweetSpot Labs products are Target where they have a fairly large selection of scents and products. They are also super reasonably priced for the amount of product you get.

Have you ever tried anything from SweetSpot Labs? Do you have a favorite scent?


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