Sephora August Play! Box...Elements of Beauty

**Bought It**

I seriously love my Sephora boxes. They are always filled with awesomeness. very rarely do I get it filled with products that I already own. Maybe 1 out of the 5, but rare! Also, I have gotten 1, YES ONE, eyeliner in the last year. That was something I was getting monthly with my other sub bag. Kat Von D also happened to be the winner this month and I looooove myself some Kat!
Lock It Concealer Creme #1
I am a huge fan of the Lock It Foundation! It's a full coverage foundation that I use during the winter months when my skin freaks out. This concealer is just awesome! It holds all the gross at bay for 24 hours. It brightens, color corrects and smooths. I've been using this on my tired eyes and my wild breakouts. This week has been a wild one at world, so my face hates me... to say the least! 

Saint & Sinner
Ohhhh I got a two for deal with this one! I am loving these smells and I have never tried them. Funny thing is, I have bought almost all the fragrances I have got in my Play! Boxes. This one may not be too far behind from my Sephora checkout. Saint is my end of summer fragrance. It's sweet, light, floral and has top notes of mandarin. Sinner will be my fall into winter lead, I am saving it. It does have a spicier scent with notes of orange blossom, cinnamon, patchouli and vanilla. Lovvveeeeee....
I, along with pretty much all beauty lovers, love my beautyblenders. I have not used a micro yet, but I do own one. I usually just use the tip of my regular sized one to do all those little creases and concealing, but when doing a full face I would appreciate another separate tool. I have now completed my beautyblender set!
Mascara Melt Off Cleansing Oil
Funny story.... before I read what this was, or even the packaging, I took it out to apply as a second layer to my existing mascara. I thought, "ohh this is super oily. that's kind of different". Well, my mascara was bleeding all day! I was ticked because I love Too Faced mascara. Better Than Sex is one of my favorites. I got home and read the tube to find out the name of it. Well..... then I discovered it was actually a cleanser NOT a mascara. Ha on me! Anyway, this is an awesome cleanser. The wand is like a prickly little stick. It allows you to get from the root to tip to make sure your entire lash is coated with the cleanser. You let it sit for about a minute and then wipe away!
Perfect Hair Dry Shampoo
I have actually tried this before so I am happy I got a reup. I use dry shampoo regularly so a back up of a great brand is always welcomed. This is not my favorite brand, but I it does work. I usually use it right when I wake up. I flip my hair to the side and then spray in sections that I flip over to the other side. I pull it up with a clip, do my make up, then pull the clip out and shake it out. Good to go! For gym use, I spray it in before I hop in the shower and then brush it out when I stand under the dryer.
Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
Yes!! Just in time for the bridge to dry-skin-weather. My skin gets sooo dry in the Fall to Winter transition. I am glad to add a purse sized body cream to my stash. PLUS this smells amazing! This cream also contains guarana which contains caffeine that helps tighten and firm skin.

What do you think of the August box? Do you see anything that you need? Do you already have any of these products? What do you think of them?


  1. Some pretty great products inside.

  2. I got the exact same box, it was a really good one this time, right?
    I wasn't sure if I'd get any use out of the micro Beautyblender, since I already have a tool I love to blend concealer (the Elf studio concealer brush) but it turns out I like it to bake my undereye area! It has to be just slightly damp or it makes a mess, but it applies powder just where I want it.


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