OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review and Pictures

**Product Review**

I am so excited to have this type of product back in my life! I have taken Hylauonic Acid out of my routine just because I ran out and have not been able to find a quality brand that I wanted to use again. When I had to opportunity from OZ Naturals, I hopped right on it! I have tried so many products from this company that I was super happy to give this one a try. 
HA has to stay in my rotation and I will tell you why. This product really just acts as a cushion and a plumper for our skin. This is super important because between all the elements we face each day and for what torturous things we do to our skin we need a barrier to help keep our skin plump, soft and supple.
Since HA is naturally occurring, we already have it in our body BUT the production decreases with age. That is what contributes to those nasty wrinkles, fine lines and sagging. HA even may stimulate collagen product--- YAAASS please!
Another reason, that I use HA, is that it does help with my acne. It is my 2nd to last step- the one that most people would normally use moisturizer. It actually is great for oily skin. It also is supposed to help a lot with scarring.

In full disclosure, I have only been using this for about 10 days so I can't give an opinion about this works but if you want to check it out yourself, you can look at the listing here. I hope to be able to give you all an update after longer use!



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