RedCoatTuesday is BACKKKKK

**May Contain Press Samples**

Yes, I know we are starting this a little late in the game but myself and a couple of the girls decided to start this little round up back up!
Ok, so what do you think of this season so far? Do you love it? Is the 5 year time hop weird? Do you even care anymore about PLL?
So someone killed A in the last episode and now the girls are trying to find out who it is. From what I can gather, they think Aria knows more than she is telling and they think Ezra may be a suspect. We all know that PLL is more complicated than that so it's not going to be that easy.
I did this design because I really need this season to stop being so nicey, nicey and start getting more gory. I don't understand why no one is telling Allison she is being a little crazy.... she needs to stop being so A loving. I mean A tortured them for years- forget that bitch!!
Colors Used:
Man Glaze- #MatteisMurder
Esmaltes de Kelly- Slice of Life


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