Studio Gear True Matte Lipstick AND I'm Truly in LOVE!

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I am soooo super excited to bring you today's collection. I have teamed up with Studio Gear to bring you some new items and I'm super pumped. I got to try a studio gear foundation a loooooong time ago when I first started out. I'm not even going to link it because it literally was 4 years ago but it was amazing and I am so happy that I have this opportunity to try out more of their products. They also gave me an AWESOME coupon code for all of you. Crazy16 will get you 10% all of your purchases at I also have a **DUPE ALERT** below for the coveted Kylie Jenner Lip Kit.

This time, it's lipstick. Now, it's not just any lipstick BUT the True Matte collection. So, it's my favorite finish. Now, to see if Studio Gear matte measures up to the Matte Queen!!

True Nude
First up, I have the nude of the bunch. Studio Gear says that this "modern classic is warmed up with a touch of pink for universally flattering appeal". I really like this nude. It actually isn't the same color of my pale skin. I will be rocking this because, yes, I do love it!

True Mauve
This, THIS, is my dupe for Kylie Jenner Candy. Yes!! While it is not a gloss, it is a matte and it is sooo, sooo close to the color. It leans a little pinky on me just because my lips are a little more pink but throw down a little primer, this would be spot on!

True Pink
This is a bright pink color that has a hint of cool tones to pull it down. This is a very pretty color and isn't too bright or neon looking. This is a little more shiny that it's previous sisters but still has a matte finish after a little wear.

True Magenta
This is a very classic color. I really expected this to be a little more "wine" like in color but I think that pink in my lips pulled out the red tones. This really looked nice up against my pale skin tone and wore really well. I do recommended adding a liner to this to complete your look to keep your ones nice and pretty and to keep everything off of your skin.

True Red
This red, though! This IS a true red! This color is also very similar to True Magenta. It is a little brighter and a lot cooler than True Magenta. It's sister above leans warmer than this color but none the less, it is gorgeous. This applies super smoothly and actually did not bleed when I applied it.

True Plum
Last but not least is our deep and mysterious color out of the bunch. Studio Gear says this "is the perfect balance of deep purple and sultry red that applies like a dream". This is so perfect for those winter occasions.
Overall, I am in love with this collection! MATTE EVERYTHING is my motto but these lippies get the job done. The formula is fantastic, the application is nice and smooth, and the staying power is pretty much all day long! Really, 8 hours is how long these lasted. I had to reapply for the finish but the color stayed!  I would love to know which of these colors you love the most! Don't forget, you can use my 10% off code to get your own lippies just by typing in Crazy16 at check out!  

Which Studio Gear Matte Lipstick is your favorite? Do you like matte lipsticks? Do you like Studio Gear products?


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