Thanksgiving Turkey Tutorial

Ok guys... This is a challenge for me! Last year I did my famous Turkey that is still being reposted like crazy on Pinterest. I decided to do a tutorial of that same mani and recreate it a whole YEAR later. Fun, right?? Well, now that I have been doing nail art for a full year some of the scrangie techniques I did last year don't work so well now. So, I did a little improvising. I have my little turkey lurkey tutorial. Since it is a Steelers Football day, the colors will be in accordance with my Pittsburgh team... just an FYI for those of you that are like, "turkeys are not black, yellow and white". I know!!!

The colors I used are:
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White
Dandy Nails- Colorblind
Maybelline- Onyx Rush
Maybelline- Fierce and Tangy
OMG! Nails- Indian Red

Colors Used

Tutorial for the Turkey face:

1.Apply the base color of black and then make 2 white ovals with a very thick ended dotting tool.

3. Use the dotting tool to make a little patch of hair at the tip of the nail and then the triangle for a nose in between the ovals.

4. The red texture polish is used to make the little gobbler thing.... **ok I googled "what is the gobble thing on a turkey nose called" and the correct terminology here is snood**

5. I used a smaller dotting tool to make the black dots in the eyes.

Tutorial for the Turkey feathers:

1. Make a few thick strokes of the yellow to make some feathers. I used a regular brush for this and just used the edge of it. I also just put Seche Clear Base coat to protect from the yellow and make the non-polished areas shine :)

3. Apply the black and white glitter- you will see in a little that I had to reapply this in a different place because it just didn't work out like I wanted.

4. I applied shorter strokes of my white color. I used a regular brush for this and just used the edge of it. See... the glitter disappeared!!

5. I applied even shorter strokes of my black color.  I used a regular brush for this and just used the edge of it.

7. I topped it all with Out the Door top coat

Ahh oh wait... you will have to wait for the final product until the Steelers game start tonight. So in the mean time, while you are trying to digest the 50 million pounds of food you just ate, try this mani out with your own colors!!

So, stay tuned for my full pretty pictures of this for my Steelers mani!! Enjoy and GOBBLE GOBBLE


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