Chaptstick Hydration Lock Review

* This product was provided to me by the maker or public relations representative for the brand featured. I have not received further compensation and the review is the opinion of my own.

This is my first time actually reviewing ChapStick brand and I am super excited because I own about 75 tubes of ChapStick. I have one in each of my jacket pockets, 3 in each car, 2 in my purse, 3 in my office, 2 in my bedroom and then varying places all over my house. I cannot survive the summer or winter without ChapStick. I also happen to have a child that is a lip licker. I will touch on the miracles of the Hydration Lock and that child later, but he adds to that collection as well. I have tried many brands of lip balm and have not found one that comes close to the quality of ChapStick. Which is why I stick with the brand and I am always excited when they come out with a new product.

I have been using this product now for several weeks. I am super excited to share my experience with this, because I think I may go buy them out in my local pharmacy.

The Hydration Lock is part of the ChapStick Moisturizer line. It is lightweight, silky and Vanilla Creme flavor. It is available at many stores nationwide and retails between $2.49 and $2.99.

Below are some facts from ChapStick:
Some ingredients include:
Antioxidants CoQ10 and Vitamin E to help prevent environmental to lips.
Hyaluronic Spheres which gives your lips a softer, more supple and fuller lips.
Natural Botanical Extract which helps your skin look younger.

The Hydration Lock technology is something that ChapStick developed to keep your lips hydrated for a full 8 hours. This means no more blowing through tubes of ChapStick to reapply every hour. It keeps the lips natural hydration in and the rest of natures meanies on the out. This also has what I call a mini "plumper" in it. It makes your lips look full and, yes, sassy without having to apply 8 different things to my lips.

As you know, your lips have a different feel, texture and needs then the rest of your skin. They get dry, they crack and they are extra sensitive. Did you know that things that you drink or eat can affect your lips? Always drink a lot of water, but some things that are good for you can strip your lips from the moisture you need. Along with food and drink the things you do normally can dry them out as well. Talking, breathing, licking, chewing, going outside and even aging all affects your lips.

ChapStick says Hydration Lock helps moisturize lips, reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and keeps your lips hydrated all day.

As I mentioned above, my son is a lip licker. I can never get him to use his ChapStick at school because he says he doesn't want people to see him using it. Too cool for school 8 year old! With Hydration Lock, he applies before he gets on the bus and then not again until he gets home. I have noticed less redness and just an overall healthier looking lip. I personally love this product because I use less to make more of an impact. I like that money saving deal!!

So, you would like to learn more visit your local pharmacy or just about any store with a Pharmacy section or check out the ChapStick Facebook Page and their website. Be sure to let everyone know that I sent you by hastagging #ColorMeSoCrazySentMe!!


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