I Was in Love, Then I Wasn't!!

I heard Target was having their winter clearance on OPIs and of course, I had to hop on that train!! I picked up a NOPI and OPI- Austin-Tatious Turquoise. I loved Austin-Tatious Turquoise when I saw it!! Beautiful green hues! I don't so green often, but it was so pretty! I finally got it on my nails last night and (this is the part where the love started to unravel) it was soooo sheer I had to put 3 coats on. This was the end result.

Not what I wanted or expected. I decided to holo stamp over it and that looked horrendous!! So I just reverted to my go to-- dotting tool. I pulled my favorite color (purple) and HD Holo and dotted away. I transformed this blah to something I could rock on my nails!! Enjoy it Lovlies!!

I love doing skittles on my nails. Dotting skittles are one of my favorites, especially with my new dotting tool.... I tried to be all "lets use what's around my house" and used toothpicks, pencils with pushpins in the earser, etc. I broke down and bought a dotting tool mostly to prove to myself I didn't need it. Well I did, and I love it!

Milani- HD
OPI- Austin-Tatious Turquoise
Jindie Nails- Electric Grape


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