52 Week Challenge- French Manicure

I love traditional French manicures; with the pink and white. I wanted to do something different and non-traditional. I picked a orangish brown (Zoe) and the copper glitter I just got from Ulta. I really like My Two Cents and I think the hue can definitely change with different unders. So anyway, I did this combo French because I think the traditional should be saved for the summer months. Enjoy!!

Oh, I forgot to add this before, but do you see my wonderful cuticle on the side of my ring finger?? Yeah, I don't know what happened, but I am in the process so super healing that baby back. It really hurts, too!!

Also, how do you guys like my new lighting?!? I'm pretty excited about it!

Julep- Zoe
Ulta- My Two Cents


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