Zoya Wanderlust Summer 2017- Part 2

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I have part 2 of the Wanderlust Collection from Zoya! If you missed the first part, you can check it out here
 Sticking with the beautiful muted color scheme of this year, Cora is a muted coral. Cute play on the name, right?
 Cora went on full coverage with 2 coats for me. I didn't have any patching or streaking at all. This isn't surprising as I have only had (maybe) 3 Zoya colors that have applied less than par. 
 Sonja is a beautiful strawberry red. Zoya describes it as a crimson red cream. Either way, it's totally beautiful. 
 This beauty applies in 2 coats for me and I just love how it's a perfect summery red. It doesn't have that stark bite of the usual winter red. It has some summer fun thrown into it. 
 When I first saw Scout, I was a little put off by that crazy looking color in the bottle. When I put it on, I was in love. Scout is such a unique color and unique is sometimes scary. I think the shimmer just adds so much sass to it!
Scout is a shimmery moss according to the description from Zoya. Since most of my summer colors are so wild and bright, this is a great neutral for a summer palette cleanser. 
 You all know purples are my favorite color and this one is so pretty. It's a dark, rich lilac which Zoya describes as a rich magenta violet cream.                                                                                                  
 Funny personal story... I had a great Aunt Lois. Her favorite color to wear matched this exactly. So, maybe my love for this stems back to that, but either way- it's a winner in my book. 
 This blue thooooo! A shimmering cobalt blue is the way Zoya describes this pretty color. 
 It literally looks like crystal blue water and that's what makes it so perfect. This kind of blue usually looks horrible on my skin tone, but this one looks so awesome and summery! 
 According to Zoya, this is the shimmering strawberry red. I think they hit this description spot on. I am so happy that they included a red summery enough to hang with the rest of this collection. 
 For me, this leaned a little bit more orange because of my skin tone, but I still love the color. I think it makes it a little more coralish and I love that combination of colors. 
 Overall, I love this entire collection. There was not one color that I said, "ewwwww" to when I saw it. The


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