My FIRST Experience at Drybar; Lookbook

**Services Provided at No Charge**

 I am sooo excited to share this fun evening with you! I, like soooo many people love Drybar products. When I learned they were putting a Drybar in Pittsburgh, so close to me, I was sooooo excited! I got an appointment on the day of the Grand Opening and I am sooooo excited to share my day with you! 
I have a ton of pictures, so I am going to keep the words to a minimum. If you have any questions, shoot me an email, leave a comment or find me @colormesocrazy just about anywhere! I have some contact information for the shop below and my stylist was Hilary. So if you are looking to try this Drybar out, be sure to ask for her. She was just so super awesome! 
 Drybar- Upper St. Clair in Pittsburgh

 Fresh beats with a DJ for their Grand Opening
 Product Wall. I got to use 8 of these products with my blow out and my hair still felt soooo soft!
 Grand Opening Goodies
Mimosa for my relaxing day

 I got the Cosmopolitan!

 Some of the products used for my blowout 

 More products used!

 Hilary showing off the Drybar To Go kit. It has everything you need to do your own blowout at home!
 All my after shots! 
 My stylist and I showing off her awesome work. 

 How awesome does this look?

Overall, this was an awesome day. All of the stylists were so knowledgable with their hair care information. They were able to answer any questions that I had about Drybar and the care of my hair after I left. They were all so accommodating and so excited to be doing what they were doing! If you get a chance to stop by the NEW Pittsburgh location or any location, you totally should! 


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